31 Oct 2011


Today was the night. The night everyone gets exited if they hear the word "free drinks".

In the lunch time I had been with two of my friends to Jet Pizza. It was long time ago since I ate pizza. As I am now most of the time used to it to eat Korean dishes instant.

The jet pizza is very clever in its design. The front head of the package can be divided into four plates. Which is very clever. I am not sure if its patent to them, but I guess every pizza store can make it. Reusing the material very wisely. It works well in countries where people share the dish such as here in Korea.

In the evening today we will most of us go into the favourite club of my friend Pacha. It will be also my first time in a Korean Night Club as most of the time I had been to bars.

We had meet up all in North Gate and went for a drink first in 72nd Street Ave (a bar) and then token a taxi for the club. It was already busy in the club when we had arrived and entrance fee is very low price.

In most student guide book it stated it is expensive on a night out in Korea. I disagree so far with the statement. It is fairly cheap - if you go out with Koreans. As they will show you the best location and you share the cost. I presume is only expensive if you drink by yourself only.

We had a good night, the club has been playing good music and kept us entertain.

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