30 Nov 2011

Cinema Trip

Its Wednesday - I had been in touch with some of the people on Facebook on whom I meet in the Happy Camp. They want to meet up to watch a cinema movie and have some dinner. I did not knew which movie we will gonna see - but I had now did not been for a few month in the cinema since the other time I had given a review on the movie Reel Steel

I had meet up with them at the CGV cinema by Lotte Young Placa but we gone first for dinner, as we still awaited some more friends and decided to go to the cinema CGV in Hyundai Department store. Today was a good day to go to the cinema as KB-Star account holder been given 1 Free Ticket (Buy One - Get one Free). So we could share the cost, as I am not with KB-Star.

The movie we went to see was a Korean movie, but it was really good movie. Even I did not understand everything, only "Hello", "what is this", "ok" and "really". I hope one day it will be available with English subtitle somewhere to find or totally translated into English to be shown in Tyneside Cinema back in Newcastle. I surely shall recommend them the movie to put on their list, it was a very good plot.

If you can find it in store or online store - I highly recommend to watch it. 

29 Nov 2011


Most of you already know what occurs on Tuesday. 
I actually don't want to believe it would be less of them day by day and wish I could spend more of this days here in KNU. 
Unlucky times do run and sooner or later I will need to return back to my home institution for final studies before finding myself settle into some good work.

Later in the evening I attended the IVF meeting, and given a small "Love Thank" speech. I really wanted to do it, as coming to all the meetings along I want to share my Thanks to a member of the group who helped me to over come the language barrier of the society. We also had been watching the original movie tape, which was done very professionally. 

28 Nov 2011

Relax in KNU

Today is back to Monday, only one class in the morning - Strategic Management.

After the class I meet up with two of my friends and we gone to eat some lunch at the North Gate. We decided to try something new and it was big rice cakes. They had a variety of choice - we could not make our mind up which to choose so we bought a set of six different rice cake.

After the class we headed back to university as now the final weeks approach and final exams due to start and team work needs to be handed in. It is a very busy starting soon for some of the students. Especially as my friends are now preparing to be them self an exchange in the other universities.

Later in the day I attended the Toastmaster meeting in the KNU - another great way to socialize at the KNU campus during the evening on a Monday. It is always great fun to come to Toastmaster.  

27 Nov 2011

Happy Camping

(25th - 27th November)

Today was the day to go to Happy Camp! I was feeling better again - as some remember I been last week to Haeinsa temple (My friend actually has some good picture from it if you like to see it). 

I received various text message during the day to make sure to wear warm clothes - and I replied back if there would be a lake for swimming. 

We had met up with Keimyung University in the South East of Daegu before going on the charted buses to the south. I do not know until today where I was and therefore you can not find a pin point on the map. (Also in reminder please select second page - you must now scroll down or download the KML file if you have Google Earth).

When we arrived after around one hour journey we had some small food and introduce ourselves. As it was already 10pm we gone all to bed and would meet tomorrow each other again.

It was a very cold night indeed in the mountains and when we woken up and had a walk after breakfast we could see that the small pond actually had some ice. It was a bit cold to walk outside, so good that it token place indoor the event where we had various activities going on. In the afternoon after lunch we actually have gone outside and as the hall has no window I was very surprise to see that it was warm. We did not needed our jacket anymore. The temperature feeling was like late spring. 

In the outdoor we had played some funny games, such as running like Spider Man or X-Man, throwing chopsticks to one end and the other.

After playing the games - most people gone back to the houses to take a rest. My friend and me decided to go for a walk around this small village to experience the real Korean culture. 

Along later this evening we had an International night as most from us come from different country we would perform a show or a dance from our country. As I had been the only international of KNU to the event we perform a Korean dance style.

It was a very good ending of the Saturday where we also had the activity to paint a t-shirt for ourselves on what we have learnt in the camp.

In the next day we had been wrapping up on what we had learned through out this weekend and for lunch we had BBQ. Yes BBQ end of November. It was an amazing cultural experience, as I had BBQ in Taiwan before. I been aware that Asians are health concious but combine health concious with Korean culture it is not a good combination. I never seen in my life before so many times a BBQ going on fire. I told them not do it fast - enjoy it take it easy it will get warm soon.

After all it was a very good weekend. 

24 Nov 2011


It is now the last day of studies as next week and next week after would be exams. Most of the teaching is now wrapping up this semester of studies.

My friend has asked me to come to his work place Exco today where the German Toursim branch (DRV) has their annual conference. As one of my class was cancelled and I had a big gap between to the next class I decided to go over to Exco and find my friend.

My others friends who also been working there, been very surprise in seeing me to come over. I had a small view around on what they are doing/working. I could not stay to long and not hold them up from working either, then I made my way back to the university to attend my last two classes.

In the evening I had bible study inside the KNU campus again with some friends from IVF.   We also have arranged a time to meet up tomorrow as we will be going camping together somewhere outside of Daegu with the other universities and IVF members. 

23 Nov 2011


I have meet up with my group to prepare further for the supply chain module, but the rest of the day I did not have done much any exiting. 

Therefore for this day is nothing to report.

22 Nov 2011

International conference

Today is Tuesday again.

In the evening we had our second conference with Hungary. It was a little bit more interactive and engaging as last time.  As this time we could get points for participating which has encourage the team to think about the answers. 

After the conference I gone to IVF to socialize  with them. Nothing special has happen then along this day.

21 Nov 2011


Today is Monday and most of the exchange student had asked for a leave. Why? Maybe the title gives a clue. We went to the Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Heavy Steel plants today in Ulsan to observe and have a look onto the Korean firms.

It was very amazing to see a car plant - the size and also on how really fast it goes to produce a single car. In the plant it self is probably more people working then the area of Heaton in Newcastle living. Surely it has more hospital then a small town itself and restaurants. The bus service alone to bring people from one place to another. 

If you get the opportunity visit the plant for yourself in Ulsan - also the Heavy Steel plant. The dimension is high - six ships get build simultaneously. 

We had spend around three to four hours in Ulsan to visit both plants. Afterwards we return back to Daegu and I gone to the Toastmaster meeting.

20 Nov 2011

Haeinsa Temple

It is Sunday and I did not wanted to spend my time in the dorm. I asked some of my friends to come along with me to visit a temple outside Daegu "Haeinsa Temple".

We left early in the morning from North Gate it was very cold - but I thought it will get warmer during the day. Let see further along if it actually warm up - first we needed to take a bus to the bus terminal this time is from South Terminal. I had read the Daegu Tourism blog  where they advertise a few location to visit outside of Daegu. Only on this way I heard of this temple.

We then token one of the local hourly buses to the temple. It was feeling like a long journey as we been going along the country road. We had plan to arrive and to have some lunch with the monks. When we arrived it was more colder then Daegu. There was ice on some location by the temple, but the view was nice. Few of my friends decided to return back to Daegu, my other friends stayed with me and we had a more detail look around the temple. 

We had a look on the watch and seen it is already lunch time - we shall find out where it takes place. We found a monk who guided us to the cafeteria. We had then some nice lunch but as expected with the monks but by ourselves. I did not knew that Haeinsa Temple is a popular temple to visit. Maybe if I go to smaller the chance is higher to eat with monks. 

After the meal we decided to hike up the nearby mountain - it become a little bit warmer and so we made the way to the top. As higher we gone the more ice we could see. The ladies told us not to go higher, but I looked up the mountain and said we are nearly there lets keep going. Even now there was ice everywhere to be there for two minutes was well worth it. 

We had then make our way back down - but in return I catch a cold it was not a clever idea to hike up a mountain further. I learn over and over again not to challenge the nature - as it is more powerful then myself.

We then had some Korean street food before going back to Daegu as we need to warm up ourself. 

18 Nov 2011


(18 - 19th November 2011)

Today we had visit from my professor from the UK and I introduce to her one of my friends who will join us in January. We had a small discussion on my life here in Korea and also I told her my recent journey to N Korean border which for me seemed like yesterday and not Monday. The week has gone so fast in the recent days.

In the afternoon a two day conference has started here in KNU. I joined the innovative session on Friday and been listen to great scholars from Asia on their opinion and research in this field of studies. In the second day the conference was an open one with a mixture of government speakers and academic staff. The speakers come as far from America and Japan. I had the opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture and academic field of studies in Supply Chain Management.

It was a great conference, from which I could learn myself more and think more into detail on what I have learned and experiences so far. It was not just only the conference - but able to observe on how to behave among academics in a Korean environment. 

17 Nov 2011

Birthday Party

The Thursday morning was filled with studies but in the evening we had celebrated the birthday of one our Korean friends.

He did not wanted to celebrate so I token the initiative for him to create a small birthday party for him. Some of his friends come along and we had some food and drinks to celebrate his date of birth. He was very surprised that so many people come along to his birthday.

I was glad that he enjoyed his day - even though it was starting to rain by the end of his birthday.

On memories of his birthday I created a small video for it - it is not in best quality but it shall be doing good.

16 Nov 2011

Team work

Today after lunch I had met up with my Team mate for Supply Chain to work on our case study. We had decided on who will concentrate on which issues of the case study. Instant studying very hard in the coffee shop we had discussion on Korean music culture and comedies. I shown him also some YouTube videos of UK comedy. 

Also not to forget on this day Santa Claus has visited us in KNU campus near my dorm. If you look carefully you can see that Santa Claus is a modern person wearing youth style shoes. Even Santa Claus needs adapt himself to the local community.

15 Nov 2011

Mexican Restaurant?

I just arrived still into Daegu at 5am in the morning from my trip which you have read before this one. If not go and have a look - so far it is the most read article on my blog. Not sure why, is that because I mention North instant South. 

Anyway I got a bit of sleep before the classes today - but I wishes they would finish as soon as possible. I decided not to go to IVF today instant joined with my friends for a Mexican restaurant experience or Greek? We did not been sure exactly what it has been - but the dishes certainty did not been looking like Mexican food more a mixture of Korean-Mexican. 

I went with my German friend and Korean friends to the restaurant and we had a great time on discussion and I could tell them a little bit of my journey. 

We had very good discussion until we had been asked to leave as the restaurant was about to close. Interesting that actually a restaurant is pleasing people to leave, this is may due that people do not purchases drinks in restaurants so equal no great profit for them if we stay longer. 

14 Nov 2011

From South to North

(12th November until 14th November)

I had arrived in Pohang early this morning by leaving Daegu early in the morning. It is one of my three destination for the weekend; Pohang, Uljin and Geojin. After we have arrived we decided to go to see the famous hand stature at Homigot. I did not plan on how to reach it as I had pressumed the tourism office would be open. Luckly a lady help us to get us onto the right or wrong bus. When we arrived we ended up in a fishing village and asked some people for the hand stature. The lady who we asked also wanted to go and see it but did not knew where it was in this area. So we had taken a walk around the coast line and could not find it - we then got out the navigation system and seen why we can not find it. We are in the wrong place. We either could wait for an hour for the next bus or take a taxi. As it had been three of us we had taken the taxi to Homigot and finaly reached our point.

We did not spend as much time as thought as we will and token a bus to the fishing village and return to the bus station. By now the tourism office was open where I could ask the way to the temple. We had gone for lunch with our new friend also from Daegu for some strange reason before head down to the temple.

The way to the temple was quiet long but we had a joyful conversation with American English teachers who gone on the hike there. So at least the journey did not feel to long. We had around 3 hours time at the side, so first we gone to see the temple and then made our way to the mountains with anticapation to find the waterfalls. Indeed we found them but time was running low so we only seen 1 out 12 waterfalls in this mountain. I guess to see all of them you must spend a minimum whole half day. 

In the evening I said good bye to my friend and I continued my way further to the North Uljin. I had arrived earlier then expected and meet my new friend at the station where I stayed for the night. We had a good conversation before we gone to bed.

In the next day I woken up early to take the 6:30am Bus to the temple. I believed it would more then just a temple. Actually I only spend around 1 1/2 hours there. I was one of the three first visitors. I joined up with two middle age man from Seoul to the temple. It was a nice scenario for taking pictures and the lake has kind of shape of the Budha. The mens given me a lift back into Uljin, or I would have waited ages for the bus. There are not many busses into Uljin or around Uljin. It is a very small town.

When I arrived back I purchased my tickets to Sokcho as there is actually no direct ticket into Geojin. Find out further along how it went along.

I then started to take a walk through Uljin from around nine clock until twelve clock to meet up with my friend again. I went to one of the hikes she recommended me, it was very lovely and a nice view onto the town and country side.
In the lunch time we gone outside Uljin to a port village near by. There we gone to see a white light house and the shore where a popular Korean TV show had been broadcasted. The shore looked very nice highly recommend to visit if you are in Uljin.

We then had gone to two local temples and in the last one the monk has invited us for some tea. It was really nice to experience Korean Tea culture - as it was my first time here. Especially by a monk and inside a temple.  Unfortunally my time was running out as I had to catch the 445pm service to Sokcho and try to find a bus into Geojin. As from Uljin a direct bus is only at 12pm - which was to early for myself.

I had arrived good in time to Sokcho where I manage to get a connection - with a local bus to Geojin. It was pretty simple to arrive as long you follow my friend instruction. I may also could have done it without a GPS map system.

Him self he just arrived from Seoul and so we had some Irish sandwhich and went over to his neighbour for some chatting which ended up in watching a movie on the TV. It went already to midnight and she haid a friend over from France so I think its better to go to sleep.

In the next day, Monday, I woken up and had breakfast with my friend and he gone to school for work. Where myself make myself ready to first look around Geojin on the bike and then take a local bus to North Korea. Those of you who are loyal readers will already see where the mistake is. Yes you right - I was already on the way to N Korea border. So I decided to contiune as it is not far anway. It has taken me around one hour on the bike incl pictures taking off the shore. When I arrived I try to purchases a ticket to goinside the DMZ but you need a car, which I did not had. Luckly there was 3 eldery people and I asked them if I could join them as a taxi would be pretty expensive around 40 Dollars and just for one hour visit. As my friend told me more then one hour I really do not need.

They had been friendly and token me on board. We spend two hours inside to look on how well our solider are working and I had mange to get a glance on a North Korean citizen. The mountains and shore looks very good - I wish one day the border will re-open to have a more closer look and may take the bike the full lenght from Geojin.

I cycle back to Geojin and stop at the first president hous - not much to report as I can not understand Korean. The only thing he had a simple house.

After I had arrived back to my friend house - I decided to walk around as his bike is not light and pretty hard to cycle up mountains and not flexible for inside town usage. Incase need to climb stairs. I went out the house and seen that a bus from the local station just left to Daegu, so I went to the station to purchase a ticket to Daegu. This ment I could join him for a dog meal with his friend. Then I had a look on the beach which was empty despite the good the weather we have in November. I had a look around the fish market and went for some local food. I then looked on my map and make my way to a temple. It was pretty hard to find, but I did not given up and found the temple. I had a small look around, is something special for myself to go not to famous places as non famous places less people equal more locals.

I return back to his house as we would set off for dinner for some dog soup - but unfortunally something gone wrong with the order. So no dog today. Instant something else special from the local corner restaurant which does not look like restaurant. We all had baby chicken (medium size) filled with rice in a potattoe soup. It was very delicious and filling.

The time has flies of my long weekend already 9pm so I catched the bus from the station back to Daegu. It was a great experience along the Asia Highway 6 or Korean Road Nr. 7. Korean people are very friendly and would take you with them in the car as I had two occasion or come and join you to tourist attraction as it happen in Pohang. Thanks also to my two friends where I could stay for a night each to save some cost of taxi and motels or jimilbangs. So I had also the chance learn more of your towns rathe just having a tunnle view.

11 Nov 2011

Youth Centre

Today is Friday and it means that in evening we had the volunteer work in the Youth Centre. We had created today picture frame by using traditional paper.  It was a great experience to experience on using traditional paper with the children to create a picture frame.

This picture on the left is what I had made - and the words actually have no meanings which I have cut of from a paper and stick onto them. The green paper is the traditional Korean paper.

After the volunteer work one of our volunteer friends had invited us to come along with him to the bar for a drink. Somehow every time before every journey I go out - and hope that I will wake early not to miss my friend and the bus. It shall hopefully be a great journey tomorrow and I already feel a bit scared on the way up to the north.

10 Nov 2011

Study - again!

Yes it is Thursday - Study time.

Today was just again one of my busy date to study from early in the morning until the evening.

In the evening I had joined up a new Christian fellowship group in KNU campus - which is conducted in English by an ex-American soldier.  The fellowship consist of students and professors of KNU. It is a great experience to study with them on campus for two hours and get to know new faculty in the university.

9 Nov 2011

Study Time

This is very surprising  for most of you who followed the Blog for a while now - that also a Wednesday states study time. It is just because now most team works has started for some of the module due that the final exam period is slowly approaching and for Strategic Management we had a few case study.

This time I spend to work on a few cases studies for the university and meet up also later in the evening with my friends to get a balanced into my life.

8 Nov 2011

Study times

Today is again the busy date of school studies - I am sure those who follow me skip all my Tuesday and Thursday nows - only if I write a fancy title.

But today a class was cancelled due to that the professor had a meeting so I token the time to go into the town instant sitting in my room until next class.

As I already token today all my text book with me - I could take this opportunity to go into town. There was a kind of celebration or graduation going on those who passed the "Red Cross" Training.

In the evening I gone to IVF but today was nothing special to report on.

7 Nov 2011

Bible Study

Today I had met my friends after my studies in the university. We decided to go there house instant of the seminar rooms in the university.

It was my first experience to go inside into a real Korean house with one floor level and the sealing very low. It was a great experience, the house owner has preprepared a meal for us.  It was very nice meal afterwards we had some bible study.

Later in the afternoon I went into the downtown to do a bit of shopping. I did not had to much time as today was also Toastmaster Meeting in the KNU.

6 Nov 2011

Dongshin Church

It is Sunday - and I did not had any plan. I had been informed that in KNU Church is an English service. So I wanted to check it out for 2pm. I just did not been aware that first Sunday of the month they meet earlier and I must them on the way out, but the pastor invited me to another church, Dongshin Curch. Is around 15mins by car away from the university.
It was very nice of him to take me there. It was a great experience to see on how the service gets done in Korea by American and Australian speakers.

At least I did not spend my Sunday in the room, and gone to explore new things. Meet some other oversea people rather then all the time students in the recent weeks. When I come back to university I drove the bike around the campus before heading back to the dorm.

In the evening I had meet my friends for a cup of coffee.

5 Nov 2011


Today we had time and gone to Jinju - The plan had been to go to two cities. As I thought my friends will come with me I decided to return back to Daegu at night time.

It was good again to travel to a new city and a new place. We had been visiting one of their friends their who is studying in Jinju Russian Language. So we arrived for lunch time and went to Mr Pizza for a (yes you right) pizza.

We spend almost two hours inside to chat and eat, after the meal we gone to her university which is just opposite Mr Pizza.  We wanted to go inside the university muesum but the lift was out of order, it is the only way for visitor to enter the museum without ID card. Therefore we token first a walk around the campus before we headed to the Jinju castle. Jinju in other word is a closed of complex temple where Kim Shi Min has lead a great army against the first Japan invasion.

I would recommend other travel to go to Jinju - myself I had only been one day and do not feel to go again. Excluding you like to travel the southern of Korea, it is a great gateway to the other places. As this area is very rural is better to have a car in Korea if you fancy to drive.

We went for dinner to one of traditional market to have the special Bimbamb with raw meat. It was very delicious. I highly recommend also a visit to the market. I think to explore Asia is only through food possible, then you get the best experience out of it.

4 Nov 2011

Exchange Study Abroad Fair

Yesterday night I had been informed I need to represent the UK and Northumbria University on a fair. I was sitting a bit late yesterday on the computer to prepare a video presentation.

I would be able to talk about the UK and the student life and answer few question they had. While I was preparing for tomorrow, I come up with the cool idea which is Northumbria Student Union is doing with "It gets better". I wanted to try that everyone who comes to my section takes a picture with the signs and it work out.

I had been also very surprised that not many come to talk to me for the UK stand, even the prospective student say it is very competitive to enter Northumbria University. Most students been interested in USA and Canada, Netherland stall was very busy.

In the evening we had also the volunteer work, sandwich making. It was a bit of fun as all of us had been very tired due to be at the fair.  I think all of us been happy to return back home for some rest or not?

At least myself and few other people gone to the bar for one drink.

Those of you who like to see the presentation, it is just here:

3 Nov 2011


Today I only had classes and nothing special has happen. Oh and by the way this month is Movember. So I come a bit early to the Russian class to take some pictures in the class room for every day picture for the Movember to post in Northumbria website.

After Korean class my friend and me just gone for Hansot and back to dorm.

2 Nov 2011

Fun at the fountain

Today at lunch time I had the fun at the fountain. Just the weather did not play with us as in the last day it was still warm and sun had been out and many student token a lunch break at the fountain. Thats is on why I suggested this area.

There still had been some people so we decided to go ahead and I given the speech on the trip to Palgongsang that I went the wrong way and did not go to Dongwhasa temple.

We hope to achieve the goal but it may has been not successful as we thought it would be.

Later this afternoon I had my team work with Strategtic Managment.

1 Nov 2011


You think I did not go to class? - Wrong. I did go to class.

Yes it was a bit hard, as my feet still been dancing. I manage to survive the day in the university and do all the work great as I always do.

Today was no IVF meeting, a bit good for myself - so I could taken a rest from last night to be totally fresh for the next day.

I have something to add from last night, to fill up this post not to make it look weak. I totally forgot to write that before we gone out I meet up with the KNU Toastmaster. Not many people come so we decided on what kind of action to take to recruit more people to come along to the event. Such as hosting some fun activities on campus with a speech to make people wonder on what is going on. So on Wednesday I will give a speech and invite people with wrong meaning to the place with the title "Fun at the Fountain".  It is fun for those who will enjoy being part of it.

Lets tell me you tomorrow if it had works out.