3 Mar 2013


I guess, I better show a map layout on where Scoraig is located in the Highlands of Scotland.

It is an interesting place of visit if you have enough time to spare to relax and not afraid of water otherwise there is a 5 miles walk into the village. It is only reachable by few methods of transport, bike, boat and foot. Maybe helicopter, but for sure the whole village will know somebody has arrived.

We had hired a car and drove towards the opposite village where we could park the car, and our host has picked us up with his boat to "ferry" us across the water. It was very calm, and not as I had anticipated to be rough, maybe due to the great weather we had in these days.

There is a small museum to get to know a bit more about Scoraig before asking the resident questions which may the answer is provided in the 24/7 museum with self switch on radio system.

We had been lucky on our visit to get to know some of the local resident through a "house party" and the next day through a community coffee shop to raise money for the local school. Yes! They still have a primary school - and want to raise more families here to re-open the old secondary school which now has been closed down and transformed into a community centre for local events such as parties.

If you are interested in how water and electricity reaches the house, it is a great place to come and learn or if you have experience you can play with the resources as no regulations are in the isolation - no forms to fill out just go ahead.

It is definitely worth to come there just for the weekend or a week if your journey is further away.