25 May 2011

94 Days Before

I just recently again have taken a look on the IAAF website and have encounter that it is only 94 days until it gone start, which would be the 27th August 2011. These shall be an exiting time when I also will be arriving with all the other sport fans, and I would be not easily spotted that my actual aim is to come to study. In the days when I will arrive; I hope to manage to get inside the stadium if tickets are still available to purchase or find a good spot for the marathon run.

This is the official song for the event, when the whole world will look up to Daegu and people who may never heard of the city will it see it on the television screen and come up here to visit. The positive aspect for myself or anyone else who has little knowledge of Korean language, shall be able to communicated in various language in this 9 day event. I shall inform you, if this would be the actual case. 

In the mean time I will "let go for tomorrow" and contiune my preparation for S Korea. On this would be in later stage a blog article appearing or why do not contact me if you have any question to ask? 

Did you also already played with the interactive map on the "About us" page? Give a try and let me know what you think.  

22 May 2011

Let's pack the bag

The waiting has an ending for those of you had already followed my Blog since it went into the build-up. Those of you had enjoyed now, I happily welcome you to my Blog "Artem on Travel".  You are maybe asking on where I will go traveling? Actually the truth I will not fully travel, but experience a form of education and life change experience in two countries over this academic year 2011 – 2012. My first stop is S Korea, Dageu, where I will attend one of our partner universities Kyungpook National University. I will spend at this university until mid-December and hope to learn many new things and get new experience across many areas.  You may will able to spot during the time when I write the Blog entry if I learned something new and gain new experience. It is sure for the case in Korea everything would be new, whereas for the second semester some parts will be very familiar to me. The second semester I will spend in Poland, Krakow University of Economics. I will be the first Newcastle Business School student as exchange to visit Krakow on an exchange year. If you are a first year student, the information might be very valuable for yourself, on other hand second year students you will come to Poland only with review from non-Northumbria students. 

20 May 2011

Comming soon

/// Updates - 20 May 2011 ///
I have inserted today the airports and the time is coming quickly for the set off into the other country far across in the east direction (on my side of view).  I use for my maps not the basic style icons as some of you have notice, but I also did not design them myself. It had been design by various people and whom then publish them on this site free for download. Where I had used for today the airport icon.

- This icon stands out, and the positive aspect is that the website covers a full variety of icons with the same design style. Therefore after the map would be full of icons it shall look clean. You can hopefully tell me this in November time if it really is clean.

///  Updates - 5 March 2011 ///

I thought I may keep you updated on what is occurring on this blog so far.  I have register myself with Foodspotting.com a website where I can upload pictures of food. As you seen, I already have publish a few foods from Taiwan.

I hope with this platform, I can able you to guide you into my food experience on my exchange year away.

I may decided to start write earlier, to explain the planning process for the exchange year.