25 May 2011

94 Days Before

I just recently again have taken a look on the IAAF website and have encounter that it is only 94 days until it gone start, which would be the 27th August 2011. These shall be an exiting time when I also will be arriving with all the other sport fans, and I would be not easily spotted that my actual aim is to come to study. In the days when I will arrive; I hope to manage to get inside the stadium if tickets are still available to purchase or find a good spot for the marathon run.

This is the official song for the event, when the whole world will look up to Daegu and people who may never heard of the city will it see it on the television screen and come up here to visit. The positive aspect for myself or anyone else who has little knowledge of Korean language, shall be able to communicated in various language in this 9 day event. I shall inform you, if this would be the actual case. 

In the mean time I will "let go for tomorrow" and contiune my preparation for S Korea. On this would be in later stage a blog article appearing or why do not contact me if you have any question to ask? 

Did you also already played with the interactive map on the "About us" page? Give a try and let me know what you think.  

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