5 Jun 2011

"Brush up your English"

It had been my last day at my part time work in Newcastle where I had been working for nearly two years. Many of the customers are asking on where I will go and question followed by if I was sure and if it was secure. I do not feel any danger leaving to South Korea. They may just hear the word Korea and bring it back into contrast with North Korea or recent nature event in Japan. If Korea was not save why did they kept their capital city so close to the border? Either they have learnt from Germany not to move capital cities from Bonn to Berlin in the 1990s. As still a few services are taken place in Bonn in Germany. Does it show South Korea people are strong, and not really feel afraid what could happen if North comes South? I think to answer any of those questions; I shall take a look into the history of South Korea instant making up statements on “why” and asking the right question.

 The second aspect was that I when I will come back after one year from Korea and Poland, I shall brush up my English (Geordie). I think, I will brush it up while learning the new language as I learn two languages in one go. I also will need to continue to write my assignments for the university back at home. The listening aspect of the English language will go a high step down, no more 24 hours English. Your question is if I will continue to dream in English? I shall inform you one day if I had my first dream in Korean language. I can now not to be sure if I will need to brush up my English and Geordie when I come back to Newcastle for the final year of studies. Actually I have brushed up my English in Taiwan last year when I been on the Travel Scholarship, I have learnt a different way of communication which I was able to apply in my work place only. The question is on who shall say “Thank you”, in my case the customer or me the employee. I cannot give you an answer, but you can think about it on who shall be thankfully. Please feel free to leave a comment below on what you think.

A small pictures on the words had been used so far on the four post:

Wordle: Untitled

I am surprised that the word "day" again stands out. As last year when I wrote a report on Taiwan the word "Day" stood out as well.

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