11 Jun 2011

At the airport

As I just sit on the Newcastle International Airport for the next 2 hours to wait for my flight. Yes, I am always a bit too early for my flights. It is just good training for 3 hours waiting time in Dubai when it comes to August.  I did not have slept at all this night, as I may would not have woken up for 5am to go to the airport as in the last days I had slept very tight. 

In the night before I went with Keirnail and Vic to Nandos for my final meal this year in Newcastle and afterwards we gone for a cup of tea at Sofia’s coffee house.  We had good fun in filling out the customer satisfaction survey of Nandos, which has kept us entertain for the rest of the night. We have concluded our night in the library with watching comedy clips and learning some educational marketing on Phd Level.

The next steps for me are in Germany to apply for visa to the Republic of South Korea, the nearest one shall be in Hamburg. Many people told me that I could get the visa in South Korea while entering on Visitor Visa (obtain on arrival), but I rather be save and will obtain it in Germany.  I only hope they accept English documents, if not then I may also need to translate them either to Korean or German.

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