21 Jun 2012

Why to study in Poland?

During mine time here in Poland - I had been always asked on why I choose to study in Poland. I guess the chances been high on why did you choose to study in France, Spain, Greece and not in any other 25 or 30 ERASMUS countries.

I guess as you only can choose one country and one city and one university in it (if multiple choices available). So did I just go with my finger on the map and pointed blank into Poland? No. It was a bit of thinking behind it on what I shall get out from it - as you notice before I spend a good time in South Korea. I really wanted to get to know a bit better our (Eastern) European neighbours. After all the impression is positive - did you actually knew that during the financial crisis Poland had still a growth rate to the real GDP and that youth unemployment is relative low to other EU member states.  Did you knew that MNE's enterprises have part of there head office in Poland or operating service industry of there company within in Poland such as the accountants for Phillip Morris. Did you knew that Poland was not a country for 150 years, but still kept most of their culture?

I guess some parts of it I could knew before coming, but I did not done any research at all on the nation I would spend my exchange semester. As in regards to South Korea - I knew fairly on what is going to happen to me Karaoke Bars every day and shopping 24 hours.

I guess we mainly know Poland for its work force which is willing to work hard and recently also aware that they are the hosts of Euro 2012. 

It was also a final reason on choosing Poland due to the Euro 2012 - to experience from the host nation itself  the atmosphere - I did not knew that Krakow is not a host city and that they would even host the English football team. I just arrived here and found everything out what will happen in the end of the semester of June. 

The first reason to choose the country and city - is due to the high standard of the university in Poland. The university is described one of the best business schools in Poland with leading graduates and professors from the nation.  What I did not knew that Krakow alone has 23~25 insitution including one of the oldest Jagiellonian. You notice my information of Poland and Krakow was really low - I guess in a kind of sense is good (and bad) as you do not have high expectation on what will occur to you in this nation. I guess those of you whom now read it will be a bit more aware of the situation in Krakow.

In the end I guess it was a wise choice to come here and learn the answers of above. 

13 Jun 2012


It has been a really long time since I updated this blog. I am sorry I could not find time in posting my experience in Poland. I did a bit travel around this nation but not extensive as in S Korea. I think I will upload a few video blogs rather then writting it all down on what has happen in the time here in Krakow and around.

Here is a first vLog on the experience in Krakow.