31 Oct 2011


Today was the night. The night everyone gets exited if they hear the word "free drinks".

In the lunch time I had been with two of my friends to Jet Pizza. It was long time ago since I ate pizza. As I am now most of the time used to it to eat Korean dishes instant.

The jet pizza is very clever in its design. The front head of the package can be divided into four plates. Which is very clever. I am not sure if its patent to them, but I guess every pizza store can make it. Reusing the material very wisely. It works well in countries where people share the dish such as here in Korea.

In the evening today we will most of us go into the favourite club of my friend Pacha. It will be also my first time in a Korean Night Club as most of the time I had been to bars.

We had meet up all in North Gate and went for a drink first in 72nd Street Ave (a bar) and then token a taxi for the club. It was already busy in the club when we had arrived and entrance fee is very low price.

In most student guide book it stated it is expensive on a night out in Korea. I disagree so far with the statement. It is fairly cheap - if you go out with Koreans. As they will show you the best location and you share the cost. I presume is only expensive if you drink by yourself only.

We had a good night, the club has been playing good music and kept us entertain.

30 Oct 2011


After the long climb yesterday and the night before. I decided to take a little rest. Later in the evening I did meet up again with my friends for a cup of coffee.

There was nothing special occur on this last Sunday - as the plan was to go to Jinju but due to having appointments of my friends we had postponed it.

29 Oct 2011

Palgongsang Mountain

I am back again to Palgongsang and with water my friend.

I went with my friend in the early morning hours to the mountain to hike up to the peak. As you may remember in my first week it was not my intention to get to the top. Today I will go the full length or as far my friend want to go.

So we started from the bus station as everyone does, but we did not token the official way in the beginning - so it was a bit hard to get up and sometimes we had faced difficult slopes you need to concentrate on every move you take or the way goes downhill.

It was a nice weather with a forecast of rain - but just do not trust the weather report and go out. We manage to arrive at the Palgonsgang cable car station in around one hour hike up. There is where I last time gone down - but today I will go higher. We seen a sign next stop is around 2km away from here. So we decided to go further after we reached we gone higher and higher.

It was a very nice walk after the station as it was not difficult at all to get up. We could enjoy the landscape and the colour full trees around the area. We managed to arrive to the top in less then three hours walk including break times.

In the top we had a great view towards Daegu city but not to the other side, as there was already the cloud waiting for us. We had a cup of wine before we made our way down.

There is also a small joke. Why do you know you are still on a Korean mountain? It has a Wi-Fi Zone. It is incredible that even on the highest spot of Daegu a company will insert a Wi-Fi Zone.

On the way down we had must taken a wrong turn and ended up on the temple which had been recommended to me last time when I been the first time there. It was just to far to walk alone as it is in the top of the mountains.

From the temple we just walked down the road to the base where we taken the local bus service to the university.

My other friends did not join us for the mountain, therefore we decided to meet them up in one hour and experience another part of Korean culture - The sauna. Many stories had been heard, it is probably one of the scary places if it is the first time.

You just need to go with an open mind inside. It is strange that everyone is naked and stands there and watch the latest baseball game or gets a hair cut in the salon (It is gender divided). Where as upstairs people wear prison style clothes which can been on Prison Break. You can go inside the hot saune and relax for a while, watch movie, sing Karaoke, have a meal and sleep in the communal area. If you fancy you can go back downstairs to the men floor (if you are a men) and take a hot tub and some water massage and go into sauna and cold water. I presume in the female complex they have the same attributes.

It is a good experience to enjoy.

28 Oct 2011

Halloween Night

It is Halloween weekend.

Today at the Buk-gu Youthcenter we had a halloween party most of us been dressed up and put some colour on our face. It was good fun to celebrate something in Korea what they do not celebrate.

We had drawn some pumpkin faces and ate chicken with the children.

After we had finish our work we gone to the bar with some friends.

In the morning before that my German friend and myself have met up with a Korean student who will be going soon to Germany for further studies. He had a few question on German life and of course on how to get the tickets for the Hamburg HSV Games.

27 Oct 2011

Chicken Time

Its Thursday - the time of day where I take five classes.

After the Korean class today usually my friend and myself go for Hansot but today we went to a chicken restaurant near the North Gate with our Korean class friends.

We had some good conversation about Netherland, China, Malaysia, Germany and a bit of the UK.

It is good to relax with the class team and have some fun, as most of the time we usually do not meet up all together just see each other in the canteen, the stairs or in the class.

26 Oct 2011

Halloween Shopping

It is getting very near to Halloween now. In the evening my friends and me have met up to go to Homeplus for Halloween shopping. As one of the club offered free entrance with a costume.

We had a good look around as it shall be cheap as someone may take it off you and afterwards you dont really need it.

After we purchases our gear we headed to the baseball hitting centre, where I had a try but I failed to hit any ball. Is just to fast for myself and I don't have any skills.

25 Oct 2011

Tuesday - It is Tuesday

Oh you are very clever reader from the title. Yes Tuesday.

Those who recently join this blog - on Tuesday I have a full pack of classes - so nothing interesting to report. If you like to find out more feel free to leave a comment.

In the evening after the Korean class I joined IVF, but today they have met up in a new place. I knew where it was - just the difficulty on how to get there with a bike. As currently the university is repairing the roads and the road which links from the language centre to the west gate had been closed off. I also try to avoid climb the mountains so I made my way through still through the mountains.

The meeting already has come to the end by the time I had arrived. As they meet at 5pm but I can join them by 730pm only.

We gone then to the nearby restaurant and had a meal together before people headed back home.

24 Oct 2011


After class I went into the town to look around. I try to see if there is anything special going on. There was not. I witness again in Lotte Department store on how the member of staff do their early morning exercise, so unlucky that taking picture is forbidden inside the store.

I recommend you to come around 15mins before they open the store and you can see them doing some sport.

I just then kept walking around the town and gone to see some new places, but it was not pleasent as it started again to rain so I decided to find my way back to the station and get a bus back to university.

When I arrived at the university, I gone into one of the "cute" stores where I bought a sticker for my bus card to make it look more nice.

It looks now much better then it used be before. I think before I leave Korea I will get some for my loyal cards for the UK - I am sorry for those companies who spend some good money on putting the name on the card. (I only hope they still accept the cards)

Today there shall be also a Toastmaster meeting in KNU as I found out from Busan but unfortunally it had been cancelled. So my friends and me gone to seen Real Steel.
It is a very good movie, if it is still shown in your cinema I recommend to go and see it. Here is a small preview of the movie.

23 Oct 2011

Busan Int. Firework Festival

22nd October until 23rd October

We are off to Busan again. Ok - not all of us so early. My two friends and me set of at 6am to Busan to attend the Toastmaster Club in Busan National University. I am a member of Toastmaster in Newcastle (A1 Speakers) - and I had taken a look before arrival where is nearest club of me. This would be Busan, so I looked again when do they meet up and found out that they are meeting every Saturday morning. This was a good opportunity for me to meet them. I did not mind to come earlier to Busan, as the fireworks would be at night time and I already been there before

It was a great opportunity to witness on how a club is run in Korean and on how they perform. Taken into mind that English is not their first spoken language. I will surely take some ideas back home to my club and also shared some knowledge of my club to them.

We went all together for lunch, and after lunch I meet up with my KNU friends and we made our way to the beach where we had our first mission to find a place to stay. We found a motel where we booked a room for six of us.

 Today there would be a competition between Japan, USA, China and Poland in firework display.

It was still a bit raining - but we hoped the rain will stop. It did it stop before the fireworks started so we could enjoy ourself. 

The winner of the event had been Poland - I really like to share the firework clip with you but the file is to big. So those who know me come and visit me one day and I will show you the clip.

In the next day we went into a special area to cry noodles which are cold. I already have tried them in Suncheon - and I dont like them. I may would like it if the water would be not cold but warm/cold in the middle. At least this one has been a bit better as Suncheon as there was no ice blocks in the water and we had been given warm chicken soup with it with free refill.

We then headed into town and just had a look around on the high street and markets. As all of us had been here before, we just gone to the market place.

The trains for today all had been booked out - therefore we need to take what has been left over. We token the 4pm service back into Daegu. 

I meet in Daegu up with my friend for a coffee and finish of the day. 

21 Oct 2011

Mid Term Week

17th October until 21st October

This week had been not much special has occur. In the University myself I had three mid term examination. Therefore I had spend time with my friends to study in various location such as library to coffee shop.

Indeed, here in Korea you could see many students going to one of the coffee shop during the mid term period and try to study there - I think this time of period is not good for the coffee bar as the guest stay longer then usually and they can not receive new guest during the day and night. As most of us just bought one beverage only, on the other hand less popular coffee shop can generate a small profit maybe out of it.

In the mid of the week I had taken a rest of study and borrow my friend bike and travel around 20km in total along the river. I went to the north of the river and then all the way to the south until the bicycle track has finished and retun all the way back to the university. It was good to catch some fresh during being most of the time with the books.

The track was very well made - as also can been seen from the picture. I like it also on how they design it like a road. I think they could have saved the paint and money as the traffic of bikes was not to much and I think people know on how to drive and walk not to get hit each other.

On Friday after all exams have been done - we gone with my Volunteer friends to the Karaoke Bar. I had been lucky that all of mine three exams had been on Thursday with 1 hour 30 mins interval time in between. I think I did ok in most of them - but I just will await the result in the forth comping week.

16 Oct 2011

Getting lost in Daegu

Yesterday I had a long day - if you read the previous article. As we waited very long until the doors had been open plus we watched the entire program until 10pm and as thousands of people come we reached home finally at midnight.

I woken up for around lunch time - and did not fancy to study or read the books. As I already did it last week long and I just will do it on Monday and rather go outside and go somewhere around Daegu.

I remembered that there was a small lake near Apsan Park - so I decided to go to the lake. The lake was really not that big and managed to walk around in just less then 15 minutes. I did not want to finish off here, I decided to go to the bus station and take the first bus which will come. Just try to find something maybe something interesting while being on a bus or explore a totally new area with the aim as well maybe to get lost. As I did not had any map on me - only my bus card. 

The lonely bus station
I ended up in Beommul-dong and there was not much of an interest at the final stop and no more bus connection from this area. Ok - only one but one stop to expensive to take a bus for one stop. Therefore I decided to walk straight ahead and ended up on the toll gate for the motorway and a small bus station. Finally I found out how people can actually end up on this bus station. As I always asked myself - there is no one living who will use this bus stops here. I will use them. I actually did not regonize this bus station until the bus come and we only driven for 500 meters then I saw where I had been. I am at the stadium back again. 

I did not get off at the stadium I went again to the final destination and finally after the third visit or fourth visit if it counts of today. I visited the village which is behind the stadium where we always could see the high buildings.
I found out that I had been in this area - actually when I gone back home and looked on the map where all I had been. At least I seen a few new spot areas in Daegu.

I walked the way back to the stadium - as I managed somehow to find the main route by walking along the side roads. There I just token the bus which gone into city centre and to return back to the dorm.

15 Oct 2011

Asia Song Festival

It was time again for the Asia Song Festival. Every high school girl and K-Pop fan getting exited - with no reasons. They organization given free tickets to everyone who managed to obtain one either from an organization like ourself from KNU or over the internet. The line up included Miss A, Beast, Super Junior, Girls Generation and many more.

These are top idols in Korea - like Westlife in the UK taken for an example. Thousands of people across S Korea come and join us in Daegu Stadium for this event. We arrived at 1pm to the stadium and doors open for around 530pm. We arrived that early as we did not knew that our tickets are already tickets - as no security seal or any ID code on the ticket. It must mean Korean would not photo copy this tickets and hand them out their friends or will they?

In overall we just waited around the stadium until 5pm, and supported our friends who did not yet had a ticket to stand with them in the short but long waiting queue to obtain a ticket. I guess it token that long as the member of staff needed to do everything by hand to check the validly of the paper conformation as it did not had a bar code or any other identification on the conformation. 

The performance had been very great which we had seen inside - I would recommend everyone to try to obtain a ticket next year again for Asia Song Festival here in S Korea.

14 Oct 2011

Rainy Day

It was a rainy day in Daegu - it may also leads to positive. As next week is mid-term and it could give me some time to study more instant of travelling around. As it is really not a pleasure to walk outside in Korea in the rain with one hand a camera and the other hand an umbrella. 

Before the studies I also have meet up with my friends for some lunch in the Students Union Restaurant to get a change from the canteen food. We had planned to do actually a picknick- due to the weather it was moved inside a restaurant. As KNU campus has so many parks where you can relax and hang out with your friends.

In the evening I gone to the volunteering, and we had played a few funny games with the children for one hour. It was a good ending of this week to have a bit of fun - as all the week had been mostly concentrated on revision and preparing for the exams next week. 

13 Oct 2011


Today just had been various classes and revision time. It is the last classes before the exams it was time to ask deeper question to the professor and understand on which formulas to use.

In Logistic I have in my notes the formula


but in my text book the formula states:


The second one is correct. I just still feel the top one would be more correct - but it still has a small mistake as it multiplies to high.

There was then nothing special for this day - just gone back to my dorm after all the classes at 7:30pm.

12 Oct 2011

Truly International Team work

We had today Strategic Management class and later on we had our first international successfully group meeting. As I mention before on Monday the internet did not play with us - I brought my laptop then to get Skype started. I call this truly International team work with the ERASMUS student from Italy in Hungary.

In the first time I could see on how all the technology aspect interact with each other so smoothly Google Documents, two or more people could work on it simultaneously. I knew Google could do it, but I just never had seen it with my own eyes. This concept could be also applied in local area, people do not need necessary to meet up in one location but can work from two different points and meet up again in one week to see on how everyone is getting on.

I hope when I get back to my home institution, Northumbria, I can apply some of the concept of team work. It will be hard and I will finally understand the various culture barriers to overcome, it is already a small feeling of reverse culture shock that I may can not adapt back into the university life easily.

Later at night time I just meet my friend for cup of coffee and meet back with my other friends to study. My intention was just to say "hi" - but instant we ended up in a coffee shop where other students been and continue our studies for the mid term exam.

11 Oct 2011

Its Tuesday

You still remember?

Indeed you do.
Lets skip to the night part - I gone today to the society and asked my Korean friends to join me. Today was a special session it was for the family members of the students who come to the society. We therefore did not had dinner - just the teaching and service. After the even we had gone to a near by restaurant to get some food and eat with those who do not need to go home or visit the library by tonight.  In my today Korean language I had learn the words to use in restaurant - and it is a good opportunity for myself to practice.

I thanks for those who are reading the blog regularly - if you have any question on culture or study life here in S Korea you just can leave a comment below and I shall answer it as soon as possible.

10 Oct 2011

Group work and Birthday

Today we had group our group work meeting - but the internet connection had failure and we could not connect with our partner from Hungary we needed to move the international meeting over to Wednesday.

We still have analysed the case study and discuss on which tasks everyone shall do before meeting up on Wednesday to solve the issue. I taken the rest of the time to study and then in the evening we had another small birthday party just outside the dorm. One of our friend had his birthday.  He had been asked by the French students to come outside and have a small celebration.

The day did not had else much to offer, even though it was Monday.

9 Oct 2011


Today was rice cake and liquor festivals in Gyeongju. I went with my two Korean friends to the city of the old capital of old Korea.

When we had arrived we joined up the queue to try various alcoholic beverages from tomato wine to Soju. It was an interesting experience to try different kinds of alcohol for just only 1.000 Won (>£1). Some alcohol had been very strong other once soft and easy.

As you can see from my writing I am not an expert in alcohols therefore lets skip it before I embarrassed myself more.

We had continue along the event and come by to the rice cake - on where had on hand activities to make yourself rice cake and a few vendor had allowed to try some rice cake. The other once needed to be purchased to try them - not free as alcohol.

We had reached now the mid day and wanted to go the lake. As we are not familiar with the bus lines in the area and we are three people. We decided to take the taxi to the lake. When we reached the lake we had first some traditional food in one of the nearby resorts.

After the meal we had borrowed each a bike to cycle around the lake - as we did not had much time anymore to walk.  We had set of our journey and come across a stand on where we could do a mission. We found out that at this side of the lake had been eight mission to be done to have a chance of winning an iPad 2. So we just did the one mission and received a stamp and tried to look out for the second mission. The first mission was just to take a picture, the second mission was a bit harder - but not hard. It was to memorize a text on a memorial wall and speak it out in front of the staff. We memorized the text and gone back to the staff - they just given us the stamps with out proofing to them we memorize it.

The third station had been easy - just find them. The time was now also running short and we just visited the fourth station on where again a picture needed to be taken - but she wanted to go home therefore it was not required. It was also not a good spot on taking a picture. The lake side was much nicer - maybe there is just something in the house that they like to advertise.

We token a small ride further along the lake but could not complete the full circle due to the mission we had done. Therefore we needed to return to the main station to give back the bicycle. We had also now the opportunity to win the iPad 2 but we let the chance to someone else. We had been on our way back home to Daegu.

It was a nice weekend, with Andong Mask Festival and more culture today of alcoholic beverage and nature aspect to go around the bikes.

8 Oct 2011

40th Andong Mask Dance Festival

Today we had gone on a trip with the university to Andong. There is now held the traditional mask dance festival of South Korea.

The university therefore has organised an event for International students to go along there.

It was really a great event - we have watch one performance (one hour) which told a story of a married couple or what could be understood by it. As they spoken in Korean. Even though I could not understand on what exactly had been spoken from the actions the characters did and the type of dance they perform it could be understood.

It was not only one story, but many different kind of stories been told in the one hour of program. It was a great experience to see traditional dances from South Korea. In the end also a Thailand group had perform in the show.

If you are planning on travelling Korea in October time - I recommend to visit Andong for the Mask Dance Festival which is held right in the city centre behind the train station.

You may shall do some research before coming as there might be some cultural performance - such as a Korean weeding. We could not watch it as we already needed to leave - this is a disadvantage to come with a tour. Therefore come by yourself rather then on a tour.

We watched a few performance outside the main theatre, a few high school girls given a performance. It was easy to understand as no sounds had been used just acting and music. I could get the point on what they wanted to show us - but on other time it was hard to understand on what they had been showing with their hands. It might be just a Korean thing and not common for myself.

The day was really amazing and I was glad that I managed to sign up just in time to go to this event. As it was quickly booked out as only 40 places been available.

7 Oct 2011

Volunteer at Bu-ku Youth Centre

Today I had studied with my friends for the exam and quiz. We had gone afterwards to eat some traditional Korean dishes such as Ox blood and Ox bones. It is very delicious if you are not afraid of the names - which you shall not be - go for it and try it. It is very nice - even some Koreans are afraid of those dishes. I think everyone just has a different taste.

After the meal we gone back to university to finish off my Korean language homework before heading into the Karaoke Bar where we had spend a long time. We sang various music from British Pop to K-Pop.  It was great fun, as finally I also could think a few of the Korean music. I may have told you that on the second night here in Korea I spend a night in the Karaoke Bar with my friends. I was not able to sign the Korean music.

 In some occasion we managed to score 100% on the songs - which is pretty good! The time has gone so fast and now I needed to head to meet the volunteers at N Gate for the volunteering.

We had been picked up by school bus of the centre and introduce to the key members of staff. They told us why they are doing this events and who will join us. It shall be a great experience. We had also been offered free dinner in the canteen - which is similar to the dorm canteen just with radish and not just Kimchi as a side dish.

We had later been introduce to the children with whom we had drawn pictures of what they liked. I had three boys - and Korean boys like football and baseball. Therefore - yeah - they drawn footballs and baseballs. Afterwards we watch a film on what the children have done last year in the volunteer centre. The session had been very quickly over.

The final stage for me for the night was just to relax and celebrate the birthday of my friends.

6 Oct 2011

Challenge Korea

In the evening I had meet up with my friends to discuss the last steps for Challenge Korea. We come to the conclusion to only visit one place but on one weekend instant using many weekends. We therefore just have written down the report and made sure it was feasible to reach the place. It was there is one bus on Friday and we all don't have classes on Friday therefore we can leave early and do not need to be worried of skipping classes.

I hope we can get the scholarship as it will be a great experience to go up into the mountains and explore a country side area of S Korea. I might would not have come to the conclusion on visiting the area on my own without my friends.

We have spend most of the night to write up the report and it is something unique I feel to visit in South Korea and far away of Daegu that it would not come up to mind of visiting on a simple weekend.

5 Oct 2011

Team work

Today I had two team works. I have joint the Korean challenge project. Therefore I meet with my friend and his friends after class to discuss on where we shall travel. We needed to finish the proposal by Friday afternoon time.

We come up with many ideas in a brainstorm and shall think more deeper by tomorrow on how we shall solve it to try to visit some unique places here in S Korea. It is very hard something to find which is unique excluding it is in the north east of Korea or south west of Korea. This is my opinion that this areas would be very unique.

The next group meeting was with my course work. We had finish our assignment and just did a few adjustment and check the grammar of the report. We just stayed together for about two hours to complete the assignment to put all three component into one.

After my last meeting I have joined up with my friends at North Gate to relax and going for some chicken. We have invited also some of our friends that we would be a big group. I have invited the prospective students of Northumbria and did not knew that actually we are already in the same class.

Yes, in Korea or in the English spoken class people usually do not really chat after or before class. That why it can be sometimes hard to meet up with new people. Excluding you start the innovative to talk to them.

We had a great night  and learn more about each other, especially our new friends who we might already seen in the class room..

4 Oct 2011


Lets go straight to the evening.

Today was again the society meeting of IVF. We had a new member to the group and this time I could take pictures for my memories one day to review it again and show my friends in the UK to may improve our society.

Today's topic had been on the key issue grace and that we shall be thankful for it that God has given it to us. After the dinner we had look a small movie done by the members on what they had done this long weekend together. I could not join them as I been away, but next time.

After our fellowship some of us have gone to the library to study for the exams. I token the time there to practise the writing of the Korean words and try to build bridges to memories word. Try to see some similarity and maybe that it makes stand out that it will be the word. After the exam I will work on the pronunciation. Actually in Korean is better to learn speaking first and writing simultaneously as every sound which is spoken out is also written down. There might be just a few words where it is not the case, but if spoken slowly it will be every sound written down.

3 Oct 2011

Dorm (Library) Day

Today was actually holiday but I had one group assignment and needed to prepare for my Korean quiz. I have been now suddendly left alone as I had been travelling with my girlfriend around Korea, but now not anymore. I token the time to study and prepare for the group meeting in the afternoon.

We have a group meeting with a Hungarian students in Hungary - it was difficult to connect as we did not had communicated very well and the technology suddenly also in Korean given up to support us. At least the students had done some part of the work before we even started and shared with us on Google Docs. We used this as a template and decided to meet up back again on Wednesday to complete the assignment. Everyone of us will be focusing on one area of the topics.

But, let me discuss of Korean style group work. I will surely take this back to my final year of university. It is so relax and still the power of achieving a high grade. The most important aspect that we are truly working as a team and everyone is taking care of each other. Today a team member has bought coffee for all of us - and next time somebody else shall purchases something for the team. I think this is truly team work instant coming back to the next meeting with all the homework done. It is to make sure that everyone understand on where we stand  with the work.

2 Oct 2011

British Council and Seoul

(30th September until 2nd October)

Today on Friday I had a meeting with the British Council director. He liked to find out more of British students and studying in the UK from abroad and now here in S Korea abroad. His mission is to bring more UK students into Korea, as many of them come for travel but not studying. He is keen to find out the reason on it - why and how do they hear about the opportunity of coming to S Korea. I hope I can contribute to his mission - by posting my experience here and be read by my home university for the start and expand to other students who come across this blog and make them exited on what they can experience while being here. 

In the later afternoon was a session for Korean students  on who like to find out more about the UK and progress their studies there. I have been asked to come for the Q&A session that students could ask me on my experience - as technically I will encounter nearly the same problems as they will do. They also can ask me about the student life into more detail as British council would answer it with case studies and on past students they had meet on the return. The lady from the British council had been greatful that I have attended the Q&A session of her event.

 As soon the event has finish we made our way to Seoul. It is now the last weekend for my girlfriend here in Korea or only one day off the weekend as she is flying away on Sunday morning. The weeks had gone by very quick I still can remember on how I pick her up from the airport and actually on how myself I just arrived to Korea.  

Before the meeting of the Brtish Council we said good bye to her friends from the church at a place which my friend had recommended me to go for tea and coffee (or Coffee and bread).  As the name says you get for every drink you order 4 to 5 different types of bread. The price of the drink does not vary much from other places, therefore actually it is cheaper in this place if the cost of the bread is included into the price. 

After the meeting with British Council we made our way to the station and set off to Seoul. I promised the hostel to come for 10pm but due to late finish and want to save a bit of money (therefore not token KTX) got the train at 7pm and arrived at around 11pm in Seoul. The hostel is very friendly and let us arrived and check in for 11pm. I am not sure as if I had been guest there now twice or is that there policy to wait until 1am. 

The next day me had met up with our friend from Seoul and said good bye to him (or at least my girlfriend). We also have given him the Kimchi we had made ourselves in Suncheon. He was very happy - as it is actually his favourite Kimchi.  

We could not stay long with him as we had been looking out for our tour guide and needed to go to the theatre at 2pm. The promised tour guide did not had shown up or they already meet up and walked around. We did not had register for the tour anyway as it was closed - as we found out one day before. We just thought just to join them when we arrive there. We just made our on way at Namsan to the Namsan Tower. It is very confusing on how to get there, from the base it might be a 4km walk but then it can not decided itself either 2.7km and then you walk for a long period of time (maybe up to 5mins) and the next sign says 2.6km or 2.8km.

 Maybe we just walked wrong or they can not decided on where to start the measurement, but during the time many new ways up have been formed which are a little bit faster then the sign says. Therefore it might be a different way.  After a while of walk we found the way to the tower, but on the way there we had found other interesting things, such as a wedding and a Korean garden. 

As soon we reached to the tower we could only stay for a while before already making the way down. As we are going to the show "Pan" not far away (by subway) from here. It is a traditional show of Korea, and we purchased the tickets online. 

It was actually very easy to find the location - as on the map they given it looked simple but when actually being on the road it is a bit more difficult. In this case the simplified version had worked and we found it on the first go.  Unlucky both camera have died - as forgotten to recharge last night. We need to remember the event of today in our brain. I surely will not forget it as I was able to participate in one of the games they played. They played very nice music and told stories, those who's Korean isn't fluent there had been subtitle provided on the screen behind the acting  and on the side there was general information on what this play was about. 

After the show we had a look around the area and head back to the hostel for an hour to recharge the cameras.  Then we head back to the Namsan area to look around the market - as last time we been for the food but not for items. As my girlfriend wanted to buy last minutes gifts. 

 The next day has broken up and it is Sunday. We had made an early start to the airport. The flight was scheduled for 11 in the morning. After I said good bye to her, I wanted to visit Incheon and token a bus from outside to Incheon Train Station. Incheon itself is also very big therefore I just visited only two parts of it China Town and an Island. Where I could find a Korean style garden with buildings and Emigration Museum. I have learnt on why Koreans aim to US and who the first emigrates of modern Korean been. It was also interesting to find out that Koreans in 1903 had been classed as "low cost" labour. 

I did wanted to stay to long in Incheon as I had been a bit tired and needed also to be back to the dorm before 1am. 

I also did not wanted to sit on the subway all the way to Seoul Station and decided to take a bus to Daegu, which is nearly gone the similar time as I would have taken the subway plus train.