3 Oct 2011

Dorm (Library) Day

Today was actually holiday but I had one group assignment and needed to prepare for my Korean quiz. I have been now suddendly left alone as I had been travelling with my girlfriend around Korea, but now not anymore. I token the time to study and prepare for the group meeting in the afternoon.

We have a group meeting with a Hungarian students in Hungary - it was difficult to connect as we did not had communicated very well and the technology suddenly also in Korean given up to support us. At least the students had done some part of the work before we even started and shared with us on Google Docs. We used this as a template and decided to meet up back again on Wednesday to complete the assignment. Everyone of us will be focusing on one area of the topics.

But, let me discuss of Korean style group work. I will surely take this back to my final year of university. It is so relax and still the power of achieving a high grade. The most important aspect that we are truly working as a team and everyone is taking care of each other. Today a team member has bought coffee for all of us - and next time somebody else shall purchases something for the team. I think this is truly team work instant coming back to the next meeting with all the homework done. It is to make sure that everyone understand on where we stand  with the work.

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  1. Your gf feld along after she laft you as well...
    Good to hear that you had good team work time.