29 Oct 2011

Palgongsang Mountain

I am back again to Palgongsang and with water my friend.

I went with my friend in the early morning hours to the mountain to hike up to the peak. As you may remember in my first week it was not my intention to get to the top. Today I will go the full length or as far my friend want to go.

So we started from the bus station as everyone does, but we did not token the official way in the beginning - so it was a bit hard to get up and sometimes we had faced difficult slopes you need to concentrate on every move you take or the way goes downhill.

It was a nice weather with a forecast of rain - but just do not trust the weather report and go out. We manage to arrive at the Palgonsgang cable car station in around one hour hike up. There is where I last time gone down - but today I will go higher. We seen a sign next stop is around 2km away from here. So we decided to go further after we reached we gone higher and higher.

It was a very nice walk after the station as it was not difficult at all to get up. We could enjoy the landscape and the colour full trees around the area. We managed to arrive to the top in less then three hours walk including break times.

In the top we had a great view towards Daegu city but not to the other side, as there was already the cloud waiting for us. We had a cup of wine before we made our way down.

There is also a small joke. Why do you know you are still on a Korean mountain? It has a Wi-Fi Zone. It is incredible that even on the highest spot of Daegu a company will insert a Wi-Fi Zone.

On the way down we had must taken a wrong turn and ended up on the temple which had been recommended to me last time when I been the first time there. It was just to far to walk alone as it is in the top of the mountains.

From the temple we just walked down the road to the base where we taken the local bus service to the university.

My other friends did not join us for the mountain, therefore we decided to meet them up in one hour and experience another part of Korean culture - The sauna. Many stories had been heard, it is probably one of the scary places if it is the first time.

You just need to go with an open mind inside. It is strange that everyone is naked and stands there and watch the latest baseball game or gets a hair cut in the salon (It is gender divided). Where as upstairs people wear prison style clothes which can been on Prison Break. You can go inside the hot saune and relax for a while, watch movie, sing Karaoke, have a meal and sleep in the communal area. If you fancy you can go back downstairs to the men floor (if you are a men) and take a hot tub and some water massage and go into sauna and cold water. I presume in the female complex they have the same attributes.

It is a good experience to enjoy.

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