23 Oct 2011

Busan Int. Firework Festival

22nd October until 23rd October

We are off to Busan again. Ok - not all of us so early. My two friends and me set of at 6am to Busan to attend the Toastmaster Club in Busan National University. I am a member of Toastmaster in Newcastle (A1 Speakers) - and I had taken a look before arrival where is nearest club of me. This would be Busan, so I looked again when do they meet up and found out that they are meeting every Saturday morning. This was a good opportunity for me to meet them. I did not mind to come earlier to Busan, as the fireworks would be at night time and I already been there before

It was a great opportunity to witness on how a club is run in Korean and on how they perform. Taken into mind that English is not their first spoken language. I will surely take some ideas back home to my club and also shared some knowledge of my club to them.

We went all together for lunch, and after lunch I meet up with my KNU friends and we made our way to the beach where we had our first mission to find a place to stay. We found a motel where we booked a room for six of us.

 Today there would be a competition between Japan, USA, China and Poland in firework display.

It was still a bit raining - but we hoped the rain will stop. It did it stop before the fireworks started so we could enjoy ourself. 

The winner of the event had been Poland - I really like to share the firework clip with you but the file is to big. So those who know me come and visit me one day and I will show you the clip.

In the next day we went into a special area to cry noodles which are cold. I already have tried them in Suncheon - and I dont like them. I may would like it if the water would be not cold but warm/cold in the middle. At least this one has been a bit better as Suncheon as there was no ice blocks in the water and we had been given warm chicken soup with it with free refill.

We then headed into town and just had a look around on the high street and markets. As all of us had been here before, we just gone to the market place.

The trains for today all had been booked out - therefore we need to take what has been left over. We token the 4pm service back into Daegu. 

I meet in Daegu up with my friend for a coffee and finish of the day. 

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