25 Oct 2011

Tuesday - It is Tuesday

Oh you are very clever reader from the title. Yes Tuesday.

Those who recently join this blog - on Tuesday I have a full pack of classes - so nothing interesting to report. If you like to find out more feel free to leave a comment.

In the evening after the Korean class I joined IVF, but today they have met up in a new place. I knew where it was - just the difficulty on how to get there with a bike. As currently the university is repairing the roads and the road which links from the language centre to the west gate had been closed off. I also try to avoid climb the mountains so I made my way through still through the mountains.

The meeting already has come to the end by the time I had arrived. As they meet at 5pm but I can join them by 730pm only.

We gone then to the nearby restaurant and had a meal together before people headed back home.

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