12 Oct 2011

Truly International Team work

We had today Strategic Management class and later on we had our first international successfully group meeting. As I mention before on Monday the internet did not play with us - I brought my laptop then to get Skype started. I call this truly International team work with the ERASMUS student from Italy in Hungary.

In the first time I could see on how all the technology aspect interact with each other so smoothly Google Documents, two or more people could work on it simultaneously. I knew Google could do it, but I just never had seen it with my own eyes. This concept could be also applied in local area, people do not need necessary to meet up in one location but can work from two different points and meet up again in one week to see on how everyone is getting on.

I hope when I get back to my home institution, Northumbria, I can apply some of the concept of team work. It will be hard and I will finally understand the various culture barriers to overcome, it is already a small feeling of reverse culture shock that I may can not adapt back into the university life easily.

Later at night time I just meet my friend for cup of coffee and meet back with my other friends to study. My intention was just to say "hi" - but instant we ended up in a coffee shop where other students been and continue our studies for the mid term exam.

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