7 Oct 2011

Volunteer at Bu-ku Youth Centre

Today I had studied with my friends for the exam and quiz. We had gone afterwards to eat some traditional Korean dishes such as Ox blood and Ox bones. It is very delicious if you are not afraid of the names - which you shall not be - go for it and try it. It is very nice - even some Koreans are afraid of those dishes. I think everyone just has a different taste.

After the meal we gone back to university to finish off my Korean language homework before heading into the Karaoke Bar where we had spend a long time. We sang various music from British Pop to K-Pop.  It was great fun, as finally I also could think a few of the Korean music. I may have told you that on the second night here in Korea I spend a night in the Karaoke Bar with my friends. I was not able to sign the Korean music.

 In some occasion we managed to score 100% on the songs - which is pretty good! The time has gone so fast and now I needed to head to meet the volunteers at N Gate for the volunteering.

We had been picked up by school bus of the centre and introduce to the key members of staff. They told us why they are doing this events and who will join us. It shall be a great experience. We had also been offered free dinner in the canteen - which is similar to the dorm canteen just with radish and not just Kimchi as a side dish.

We had later been introduce to the children with whom we had drawn pictures of what they liked. I had three boys - and Korean boys like football and baseball. Therefore - yeah - they drawn footballs and baseballs. Afterwards we watch a film on what the children have done last year in the volunteer centre. The session had been very quickly over.

The final stage for me for the night was just to relax and celebrate the birthday of my friends.

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