4 Oct 2011


Lets go straight to the evening.

Today was again the society meeting of IVF. We had a new member to the group and this time I could take pictures for my memories one day to review it again and show my friends in the UK to may improve our society.

Today's topic had been on the key issue grace and that we shall be thankful for it that God has given it to us. After the dinner we had look a small movie done by the members on what they had done this long weekend together. I could not join them as I been away, but next time.

After our fellowship some of us have gone to the library to study for the exams. I token the time there to practise the writing of the Korean words and try to build bridges to memories word. Try to see some similarity and maybe that it makes stand out that it will be the word. After the exam I will work on the pronunciation. Actually in Korean is better to learn speaking first and writing simultaneously as every sound which is spoken out is also written down. There might be just a few words where it is not the case, but if spoken slowly it will be every sound written down.

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