16 Oct 2011

Getting lost in Daegu

Yesterday I had a long day - if you read the previous article. As we waited very long until the doors had been open plus we watched the entire program until 10pm and as thousands of people come we reached home finally at midnight.

I woken up for around lunch time - and did not fancy to study or read the books. As I already did it last week long and I just will do it on Monday and rather go outside and go somewhere around Daegu.

I remembered that there was a small lake near Apsan Park - so I decided to go to the lake. The lake was really not that big and managed to walk around in just less then 15 minutes. I did not want to finish off here, I decided to go to the bus station and take the first bus which will come. Just try to find something maybe something interesting while being on a bus or explore a totally new area with the aim as well maybe to get lost. As I did not had any map on me - only my bus card. 

The lonely bus station
I ended up in Beommul-dong and there was not much of an interest at the final stop and no more bus connection from this area. Ok - only one but one stop to expensive to take a bus for one stop. Therefore I decided to walk straight ahead and ended up on the toll gate for the motorway and a small bus station. Finally I found out how people can actually end up on this bus station. As I always asked myself - there is no one living who will use this bus stops here. I will use them. I actually did not regonize this bus station until the bus come and we only driven for 500 meters then I saw where I had been. I am at the stadium back again. 

I did not get off at the stadium I went again to the final destination and finally after the third visit or fourth visit if it counts of today. I visited the village which is behind the stadium where we always could see the high buildings.
I found out that I had been in this area - actually when I gone back home and looked on the map where all I had been. At least I seen a few new spot areas in Daegu.

I walked the way back to the stadium - as I managed somehow to find the main route by walking along the side roads. There I just token the bus which gone into city centre and to return back to the dorm.

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