15 Oct 2011

Asia Song Festival

It was time again for the Asia Song Festival. Every high school girl and K-Pop fan getting exited - with no reasons. They organization given free tickets to everyone who managed to obtain one either from an organization like ourself from KNU or over the internet. The line up included Miss A, Beast, Super Junior, Girls Generation and many more.

These are top idols in Korea - like Westlife in the UK taken for an example. Thousands of people across S Korea come and join us in Daegu Stadium for this event. We arrived at 1pm to the stadium and doors open for around 530pm. We arrived that early as we did not knew that our tickets are already tickets - as no security seal or any ID code on the ticket. It must mean Korean would not photo copy this tickets and hand them out their friends or will they?

In overall we just waited around the stadium until 5pm, and supported our friends who did not yet had a ticket to stand with them in the short but long waiting queue to obtain a ticket. I guess it token that long as the member of staff needed to do everything by hand to check the validly of the paper conformation as it did not had a bar code or any other identification on the conformation. 

The performance had been very great which we had seen inside - I would recommend everyone to try to obtain a ticket next year again for Asia Song Festival here in S Korea.

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