24 Oct 2011


After class I went into the town to look around. I try to see if there is anything special going on. There was not. I witness again in Lotte Department store on how the member of staff do their early morning exercise, so unlucky that taking picture is forbidden inside the store.

I recommend you to come around 15mins before they open the store and you can see them doing some sport.

I just then kept walking around the town and gone to see some new places, but it was not pleasent as it started again to rain so I decided to find my way back to the station and get a bus back to university.

When I arrived at the university, I gone into one of the "cute" stores where I bought a sticker for my bus card to make it look more nice.

It looks now much better then it used be before. I think before I leave Korea I will get some for my loyal cards for the UK - I am sorry for those companies who spend some good money on putting the name on the card. (I only hope they still accept the cards)

Today there shall be also a Toastmaster meeting in KNU as I found out from Busan but unfortunally it had been cancelled. So my friends and me gone to seen Real Steel.
It is a very good movie, if it is still shown in your cinema I recommend to go and see it. Here is a small preview of the movie.

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