9 Oct 2011


Today was rice cake and liquor festivals in Gyeongju. I went with my two Korean friends to the city of the old capital of old Korea.

When we had arrived we joined up the queue to try various alcoholic beverages from tomato wine to Soju. It was an interesting experience to try different kinds of alcohol for just only 1.000 Won (>£1). Some alcohol had been very strong other once soft and easy.

As you can see from my writing I am not an expert in alcohols therefore lets skip it before I embarrassed myself more.

We had continue along the event and come by to the rice cake - on where had on hand activities to make yourself rice cake and a few vendor had allowed to try some rice cake. The other once needed to be purchased to try them - not free as alcohol.

We had reached now the mid day and wanted to go the lake. As we are not familiar with the bus lines in the area and we are three people. We decided to take the taxi to the lake. When we reached the lake we had first some traditional food in one of the nearby resorts.

After the meal we had borrowed each a bike to cycle around the lake - as we did not had much time anymore to walk.  We had set of our journey and come across a stand on where we could do a mission. We found out that at this side of the lake had been eight mission to be done to have a chance of winning an iPad 2. So we just did the one mission and received a stamp and tried to look out for the second mission. The first mission was just to take a picture, the second mission was a bit harder - but not hard. It was to memorize a text on a memorial wall and speak it out in front of the staff. We memorized the text and gone back to the staff - they just given us the stamps with out proofing to them we memorize it.

The third station had been easy - just find them. The time was now also running short and we just visited the fourth station on where again a picture needed to be taken - but she wanted to go home therefore it was not required. It was also not a good spot on taking a picture. The lake side was much nicer - maybe there is just something in the house that they like to advertise.

We token a small ride further along the lake but could not complete the full circle due to the mission we had done. Therefore we needed to return to the main station to give back the bicycle. We had also now the opportunity to win the iPad 2 but we let the chance to someone else. We had been on our way back home to Daegu.

It was a nice weekend, with Andong Mask Festival and more culture today of alcoholic beverage and nature aspect to go around the bikes.

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