21 Oct 2011

Mid Term Week

17th October until 21st October

This week had been not much special has occur. In the University myself I had three mid term examination. Therefore I had spend time with my friends to study in various location such as library to coffee shop.

Indeed, here in Korea you could see many students going to one of the coffee shop during the mid term period and try to study there - I think this time of period is not good for the coffee bar as the guest stay longer then usually and they can not receive new guest during the day and night. As most of us just bought one beverage only, on the other hand less popular coffee shop can generate a small profit maybe out of it.

In the mid of the week I had taken a rest of study and borrow my friend bike and travel around 20km in total along the river. I went to the north of the river and then all the way to the south until the bicycle track has finished and retun all the way back to the university. It was good to catch some fresh during being most of the time with the books.

The track was very well made - as also can been seen from the picture. I like it also on how they design it like a road. I think they could have saved the paint and money as the traffic of bikes was not to much and I think people know on how to drive and walk not to get hit each other.

On Friday after all exams have been done - we gone with my Volunteer friends to the Karaoke Bar. I had been lucky that all of mine three exams had been on Thursday with 1 hour 30 mins interval time in between. I think I did ok in most of them - but I just will await the result in the forth comping week.

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