5 Oct 2011

Team work

Today I had two team works. I have joint the Korean challenge project. Therefore I meet with my friend and his friends after class to discuss on where we shall travel. We needed to finish the proposal by Friday afternoon time.

We come up with many ideas in a brainstorm and shall think more deeper by tomorrow on how we shall solve it to try to visit some unique places here in S Korea. It is very hard something to find which is unique excluding it is in the north east of Korea or south west of Korea. This is my opinion that this areas would be very unique.

The next group meeting was with my course work. We had finish our assignment and just did a few adjustment and check the grammar of the report. We just stayed together for about two hours to complete the assignment to put all three component into one.

After my last meeting I have joined up with my friends at North Gate to relax and going for some chicken. We have invited also some of our friends that we would be a big group. I have invited the prospective students of Northumbria and did not knew that actually we are already in the same class.

Yes, in Korea or in the English spoken class people usually do not really chat after or before class. That why it can be sometimes hard to meet up with new people. Excluding you start the innovative to talk to them.

We had a great night  and learn more about each other, especially our new friends who we might already seen in the class room..

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