6 Oct 2011

Challenge Korea

In the evening I had meet up with my friends to discuss the last steps for Challenge Korea. We come to the conclusion to only visit one place but on one weekend instant using many weekends. We therefore just have written down the report and made sure it was feasible to reach the place. It was there is one bus on Friday and we all don't have classes on Friday therefore we can leave early and do not need to be worried of skipping classes.

I hope we can get the scholarship as it will be a great experience to go up into the mountains and explore a country side area of S Korea. I might would not have come to the conclusion on visiting the area on my own without my friends.

We have spend most of the night to write up the report and it is something unique I feel to visit in South Korea and far away of Daegu that it would not come up to mind of visiting on a simple weekend.

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