22 Aug 2011


Dear readers I had promise to start off from when I will arrive in Korea, in these days I did not had much time to open the computer and “Blogger”. I had been hit by cold water into Korean culture, as you may been aware I arrived in Seoul and stayed there for three days. Who actually knew it will take three hours by car to get into centre of Seoul. The roads had been all busy in Seoul themselves. The car drivers are very “ok” here, driving nice and gently, but if they break down they don’t make any effort to get off the road this might has caused the trouble on the motorway and then you have people standing on the road and try to sell you some sweets. So if someone buys sweets of them they probably make the traffic jam bigger as it used to be before.

It is good that I did not meet up with Northumbria folks at Seoul Tech University on this day, as we arranged for 8pm but we did not get back home for 9pm and felt all tired and just had a takeaway of Korean chicken and gone to sleep.

On the next day I visited my friend at Seoul Tech Uni who did the Cultural Exchange, he had been a bit busy as to say to everyone “anyeong ha ga se yo” (latin wrong spelling). In this case I went with my new KNU friend and close friend of my friend into Seoul down town where he had shown me the culture side before we go for the young culture.

I have a lot to learn about the young culture side aspect – at least I was happy to see that my Korean Crash Culture book was wrong in this aspect. It might have been an elderly person written.  It is not true that Koreans make your glass full – you decided if your glass is half empty or half full. You will maybe find out by yourself on the next day – just come to Korea.


 In Daegu itself I arrived today and did not seen much yet and the campus is really big. Why does East Asia never put a measurement on? Some of you may already know that I had a small complaint to Taiwan of this issue that measurement is missing.  In the next days I will explore the campus and get lost and then it shall hopefully become small. In the mean time I shall improve my Korean, it may does good to stay with a Korean guy – but I guess in five days I stay with someone else. The best option is only too hung around with Korean – even though today I been with people from Netherlands whom arrived as well three days ago.

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