24 Aug 2011


The weather in Daegu for me is not to warm but it is “ok” to walk with t-shirt. Occasionally it rains here in the afternoon. Last day I had woken up at six o’clock in the morning and just did a walk through the university campus before the breakfast session opens up at 730am. I come pass the stadium of the university and seen people doing sport. So I decided to wake up early on the next day and to see if I could join them.

I did wake up at 5am and walked to the stadium, but I could not see a coach as everyone just gone down on the track and started to walk. I wanted to do it correct, so I have waited a bit until I had a young person in front of me or a person who goes fast so I can see that I am doing it correct. It is actually very simple, what you need to do is just walk and breath. Some people did a small run, but most of them just walked for one hour and later two trainers have come for six o’clock where you could join them for some gymnastic. It is quite the same as in Taiwan; you choose which side you like to go to as on what your music taste is like.  It was very refreshing on doing this type of Korean morning sport. At least I could sleep very well on the upcoming night.

Later this afternoon I had welcomed two of my Northumbria University friends who come to visit Daegu and may take a look if also want to do an Exchange here.  We decided to go into down town as I did not have visited yet, so we had taken the local bus service. Now I understand why the buddies and university ask us to the taxi. I guess the taxi is just a comfortable way of traveling, where is with the bus you really need to use Korean language as only a few stops are in English Language.  After we successfully arrived in town, our tourist guide book said we shall visit the Medicine of Yangnyeongsi. This is where the best medicine is in Korea, and the king had been provided only with best from Daegu.

It was not easy to find the famous street as two maps shown different location, but luckily South Korean Telecom shown us the way and given us as well free calls back home.  The tourist or English Teachers from USA did not manage to find it in one year, we managed in one hour. You just need to go with the smell and keep your eyes open beyond the street as most places are behind buildings. We been told by a local that on this day will be no herb demonstration of the stores due to the rain, but there was a museum where we could get an insight of the culture place and the importance of the herb.

The staff member was very welcoming and had introduce us the medicine and shown us some videos to gives a deeper inside. After the tour of the museum we could try the 10 herb medicine which is good for your body to keep awake. Maybe this medicine let me put to sleep very well or not?

We had looked also for some good dinner in town and the good price shall not exceed 5,000 Won (£3). As we had found one, there was no English translation or any pictures of the meal. We had luck that a local person has helped us to choose us a good meal. It is very important to learn Korean language or you will be not able to eat while you are here. The same it goes for the bus service, they also only use Korean language, but they are very friendly and let you sometimes pay less then local people, or might even take you for free.
After dinner is good to take a walk, first we token the bus back to the university and then walked out from North Gate to explore the area and walked all the way to Dongdaegu Station and all the way back to the university. This might have been the reason on why I have sleep so well on this night due to the long walk.  

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