31 Aug 2011

Demo Run

It has been the last day of holiday before the university would again start. This time just in a new country and new campus. This was the day where we shall relax and show our best on the next day to represent not only KNU but our home university in a positive manner.

I do not like to be late for my class, so after dinner my friend and me had taken the campus map and our timetable and did a small demo run of our modules on where we need to be and which building and maybe to try to find more short cuts on the big campus. We had done a small stop at the Student Union where we had a look around and found a book store downstairs so we decided to purchases also some paper. I bought one book and one small paper book, as the book only had five indexes but I have six modules. So I decided to take the small booklet for Korean language.

The day had nothing more special on over, excluding that in the afternoon while being in down town to help my fellow colleague to sort out his mobile phone, I received at the IAAF stall the offical wear as a gift. I really wanted one of those, as all shop keepers and bank staff wear them.

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