25 Aug 2011

Bullo-dong and Dalseong Park

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My friends from the UK had decided to stay one day longer here in Daegu. So we had taken a look on the map off what we could visit in Daegu. I notice there are some ancient tombs around 5kms away from the university ground, so we could pay a visit to it.  The usage of Naver and Google is getting better, as Naver can tell us how to walk and with Google just douple check that it is the correct place which has been input. As soon I will be able to use Korean language, I just can use Naver.

What is Naver some off you might be now asking; it is nearly the same as Google just in Korean and for Korea. It is a good search information site and you can get even street view with Naver Map, whereas Google Maps did not yet pay a visit to Korea.  

The walk has taken us around half an hour along the street, most people I guess would take either the taxi or the bus, but then I think you miss out on Korean culture. A bus is useful if it is a long distance (>10km), as I am sure no one fancy to walk a long way. You can stop also anytime and take pictures, if you like me very slow in getting the camera set up for an image.

At the ancient tomb which is called Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb. It is free to visit, and there is not much information on the location, more a place to relax and have a look around and see the city from the top. I am sure I will find another place in Daegu to see the town further from the top. As there is many mountains around it shall be not a problem.

At Bullo-dong the peace does not get hold for long as just nearby is the Military Air Force, so if you like military air craft I guess it will be a good spot on to watch them start and land. We decided to move on backwards into Daegu and come by a residential area where we sat down on the children playground and had another look into the map on where we shall go. We had been recommended by the South Korean Telecom, on where we had given the free calls, that we shall visit Dalseong Park. We did not know actually what it would be, we thought is just a zoo.

It is a good park, it has a small zoo with animals you would expect and not expect, such as chicken and dogs.

We had spent there a good time and did some sport exercise on the material which had been provided there.  Some people have demonstrated us on how to do a few exercises on them, as the images did not been clear enough on what shall be done.  I would recommend visiting this park if you are close to down town.

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