30 Aug 2011

Induction and Welcome Party

This day nothing had been planned on my behalf. As we had our informal induction by the International Office. They had welcomed us to the KNU campus and introduce us to key figure staff member and which service we can receive or ask of them. In addition we had been given more forms to fill out and to return them back in a few days time.

They also had planned a campus tour, but the weather was just to hot for people like us from a bit colder countries. They refer us here as Westerners or foreigners, instant International student. I am sure the campus tour would be more wider if the weather had been colder and not 30 degrees. As we only visited the Part C (out of A to C) of the campus.

My friend from Seoul also had arrived on this day, but I thought I may could not meet with him as due to the Welcome Party, but I had been unaware that it only will last 2 hours. So after the party we had met up at the North Gate with a few other friends. We went for some drinks, of course Soju and Beer and had some chicken.

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