26 Aug 2011

Chill out

It was a much an easier day today. I had met my local “buddy” who takes care of us here while we are in Daegu. We had sorted out my Student ID card and register my phone so that I can call and text people. I have immediately called all I knew in South Korea and manage to get an appointment with my friend who I had buddied in England while he been in Northumbria University. He studies at another university here in Daegu, so it token him 1 ½ hour by bus to reach my university ground. We had gone for some tradition Daegu food, which consist of chicken.

The time before he come, I had planned the day for tomorrow. As tomorrow at 9am (Korean time) the Marathon run will open up the IAAF 2011 Games in Daegu. The Daegu 2011 Social Team is very active and was able to answer my questions in a few minutes. So I hope to get a good view tomorrow morning on the female athletic for three times when they pass by the crowd.

I also good quiet addicted to the group Big Bang the song “Tonight”. I already had been listening on a loop while sleeping on the flight to Korea. Maybe you like the song as well, that’s why I like to share it with you today.

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