27 Aug 2011

Daegus' Festival

I had an amazing day as the start of IAAF Games here in Daegu. I had woken up very early at 630am just to get a good spot to view the marathon. My new roommate had joined me for the games, so I did not been totally alone there.  It had been a great experience to watch the runners straight in front of you, and having Japanese supporters behind you who made all the time noise when Japan and other nations passed by. The local camera man also had pointed on me before the run has started, so I might had been shown across world TV or only Daegu we don’t know.

The run finish good in time with a full team win of Kenya, but our bet been Ethiopia and Japan second.  Ethiopia was doing very well in the beginning, but they fallen behind later on.  We only stayed until the Chinese fellow has arrived as we needed to go back to our dorm to move to another dorm.

After I managed to move all my things from A to B and from Floor 5 to Floor 5, I had been greeted by a resident also from Beijing who does his full degree at KNU and we meet one more person from Malaysia. He was free, so we decided to go with his buddy for some lunch and visit later on down town.  I guess it was a good idea to visit down town, as so many activities recently take place there.

In the memorial park near City Hall was a Family Festival sponsored by Equality Gender and Family Ministry and stands been holding by local schools.  We had some great fun with some off those students, such as from Daegu Girls’ High School where we have played with fire, an elementary school where we have tried to solve a puzzle and some middle school children to help them to change the school policy by voting yes or no. Even though they did not speak fluent English, we managed on somehow to solve the language barrier between three nations.  I repeat again, but it is important to know Korean language to communicate freely and understanding on what they like to tell, especially on the third highlight of the day.

As the event has closed down, it already been 5pm we decided to head back to city centre and seen a group just standing and looking at something that’s going to happen. I just quickly asked a guy on what is going on and he said it is a flash mob. So I said why not shall be a cool idea, and then suddenly we started to dance to Korean K-Pop. I was not sure in the end if it actually was a flash mob or a professional dance group just having fun in city centre.  At least it was fun to dance along the song that I already had posted in “94 days before”.

It is always fun to explore Korean culture day by day, just join in when you are by any chance here don't be afraid it is just an amazing experience to be part of something. 

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  1. I am happy to read what you had seen! Will join you in the future. Next week!