1 Sep 2011


The first day of university and everything had been put ready, paper, pen and the campus map. Today would be a busy schedule due to having 5 modules in just a day. Back in the home university, you would be happy just to have maximum 3 modules or 3 lesson.

I guess please do not complain of not having free time between lesson. Come here and you will honour that our university back at home is generous with timetabling. As I only had time for breakfast at 8am and the next meal I could go for is dinner at 8pm. There had been not much time of getting some lunch in Korean style.

I had nearly all of my chosen modules today, Logistics, Persuasive Speech, Macroeconomics, Russian II and Korean I . The last module is Strategy but it would be next week Monday.

The professor are very friendly here so far, as long you are friendly to them. All of the modules are get taught in English, excluding Russian and Korean. Which is very handy, as there is no chance of speaking English as no one will understand it. You need to use one of the following language and try to explain in a different way on what you like to say. The Russian class has a Teaching Assistant student, but she only can translate into Korean not English.  Somehow you can get around and the professor will know on what you like to say and improve your words.

Each of the module there would be an exam, either weekly or mid term wise. Even for attendance you get a percentage, failing to attend without notice results into minus a point.  All professors like to give the students an A+ (equal to 90% for UK system), but then the student shall attend all classes, do the homework and ask question to the professor and may visit them in office hours if question occur.

So far I enjoy the introduction into the module, and I really can not drop any of them actually if there would be no exams and the day would just be 6 hours longer a day I may would chosen one more.  There is a good selection of module, and you will go to class with students from Korea and international students.

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