3 Sep 2011

Daegu Down Town

Today we had meet up with a friend from Japan, Malaysia and Germany at the main gate and decided to visit the city centre (down town). As some of them did not seen it yet. The plan was taking a city tour bus, but I guessed due to the 50km Race Walk it would be hard to find or even does not take place as it needs to go through the race parts. We still could explore the town on our own, as I had been there a few times I acted as a little tour guide.

The first stop had been the Medicine street, where we had try out various medical products. They shall be good for our body and natural from Daegu, at least we presume they are.

As we come just for lunch time, there did not had been many activities inside the city, I ask the group if we may shall check out the two parks. The 28th February Park and  Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park. Neither of these park had been any activities, just young people and elderly hang out together and played music on the open Piano or played cards. In the second park we walked a bit around and token a few pictures and suddenly we saw our friends from America and France. It had been a big surprise to find them in a one million people city. The plan was to go for a Korean ice-cream, therefore we have invited them to come along.

As we had been now more people, we have ordered a giant ice-cream to share in Korean way.

It is very unique on what I also had in Taiwan. As in Korea they dont stack the fruits to a mountain, they just lay them down and put also a few cereals inside. It has then a different taste, as all of it gets mixed together instant eating from top to bottom.

If you ever come across visiting Korea, you shall try to find an ice-cream shop and eat a Korean ice-cream.

After the ice cream we had split ourself up, as some needed to go back to dorm to meet other people. A few of us stayed in town and thought something still must be happen. We decided to walk up the shopping street and come across the park Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park, where activities had taken place of Korean culture. One of the activities had been to play the traditional Korean games and wear traditional clothes of Korea.

We also had been awarded by staying longer that at six o'clock the played the bell in the park.

I will try to keep this post short, but it just to much has happen on one day. As we also had been to a kind of Korean McDonalds to try Bimbibam (my spelling might be wrong). It is a traditional Korean dish and the night was finished of in a Western Style rather then Korean style with a beer in the near by bar.

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