27 Sep 2011

Study Day and IVF

Today is back to Tuesday. I had my study day, which started of with the first group quiz in the Logistic class.
 It was an interesting experience on how the group quiz was organised. As even though answer could be discuss the class had been silent and everyone first solved the question on their own before asking the group if the answers are right.

Let me know skip to the evening.

Today I had visited a new society a Christian society called IVF, which is a very nice society. I had met various type of people and we had been warmly welcomed. I hope by joining this group I can improve my Korean skills as it is straight after my class.

They have two parts of the meeting, but I only will be able to attend only the first part due to being in class for the first part of the session. I guess it also would make it difficult for them and happy that I can join only for part two as all the discussion are held in Korean.

I also forget to bring my camera for this day, so I could not take the picture on how they welcomed us. They suddenly all jump up and coming running towards us and started to sign a song.

I guess I will bring some of the ideas and things they do back to Newcastle for the society there.

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