26 Sep 2011

KNU AO Society

A new week lets see what kind of challenge it will hold this time, but first of all I shall study. As I have a small quiz tomorrow in my Supply Chain class.

It will be open book and my first exam in Korea, so I have no idea on how it will look like. I presume it will be solving the supply chain in a mathematical and logical approach. Therefore I concentrated my studies on learning and understanding the formulas as the quiz will be only 10-15mins long.

As it will be open book exam, I did not study to memorize the formulas as I will be able to open the books.

In the afternoon we have token the time to explore a bit of the area on where I study and found a nice market. It seems market are nearly in every street corner, and I ask myself do they actually mange to sell it. In my head is full of raised question of supply chain inventory management level. Do they know it on how to calculated it or will be lost of the food wastage? As everyone has so much and everyone is selling the same products. Who will eat all the food or who will it purchases - as market is going to close soon.

After we had return back to university, we had made our way to the KNU AO first society meeting for new members. We had been warmly welcomed to the society. They had shown cased us the instrument they have and which once we can learn to play. The format is very informal of the meeting and very sociable.

Afterwards we had a meal and alcoholic beverage to find more out of ourself and able to introduce ourselves to all the members. It is a good way of welcoming new members into a society. Standing up and saying "Hi" my name is ___ and whatever else you like to mention.

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