9 Sep 2011

Incheon Airport

Today I had again mine busy schedule of classes from early in the morning until early evening. We continue to study the basic understanding of each of the module. The professor made it again important to all students to purchase the book, as we needed them by next week and we may go to have exam any time.

After the class today I have hurried back home as my girlfriend will be arriving at Incheon Airport at around 3am. I knew there will be a direct train to the airport at 10pm, from Daegu so I had two hours’ time to reach it. But, due to upcoming holiday Chuesok many people will be traveling to Seoul due to a 10 million people populated city. I wasn’t able to purchase a direct ticket, but I knew that the last subway is at around 11pm from Seoul Station to the airport, and if they give me the ticket to arrive at 10pm I have one hour window to get the subway. I did not had any trouble to reach Incheon Airport on the night and had 4 hours waiting time, but when I was on the subway they had screen of departure and arrival information – and I see the information New York flight is delay. Maybe it was due to the hurricane, but there was no correct information on how long the flight will be delay.

There is nothing I could do – just wait and watch on Samsung TV MBC News or MBC Drama TV. It was very quiet at the airport until Tokyo and Beijing had arrived at around midnight and stayed for some reason at the airport a few passenger instant going on the shuttle bus to Seoul Station (Central). Maybe they are unaware like me that there is actually an hourly bus service from Seoul Station after subway has closed. I therefore did not needed to be worried that I will not arrive at midnight to the airport.

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