4 Sep 2011

IAAF Marathon Men Final

I have taken this day easy on. I had been still a bit tired of last day, but I really wanted to see the Men Marathon in Daegu. So I had make my way down to the Memorial Park, which is around 15mins walk from Main Gate.

It had been a bit busier as the week before when the Women Marathon had been on. Not sure if it is because Kenya is running for its World Record. Indeed he had been running and also has won, just one minute slower as 2009. I guess it is pretty good in his age, as he was also three minutes faster as the second place behind him. While I been watching the race I meet the Team Doctor of Ethiopia. I was surprised to hear that he is a doctor, as I thought he would be a trainer.

I walked into town after the run to see if any activities been held but everything has been taken down. Only SK had it stand for free calls. Not sure if they had many visitors on the last day of the games. As nothing happen I decided to travel to Apsan Park and see if I can see anything on the bottom of the park, but only been things on the top so I just gone back to the dorm.

I knew today would be fireworks on, so luckily my Javanese friend ask me if I like to join her to the stadium to watch it from the outside. This had been a good experience to watch the games from the outside the stadium, nearly every Korean got out their smart phones and watched the games on it while it had been inside.

Daegu has done a great job for the games, as a first time holder of Athletic Games in its country. It has hold a few marathon and half marathon in Daegu, but on this scale. I am sure they did a fantastic job.

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