21 Sep 2011

고고 Go!

(Go, Go, Go) 

It is back to Tuesday. Those of you who read all my entries will know on what I will say. Yes you right it is back to hard study day. Therefore let’s skip the day light part as nothing special has happen.
In the evening it did. I walked back to pick up my girlfriend and seen some drummers at the bus terminal of KNU practising and now I knew where the sound and what sound come from. I asked them on when they will perform and they mention Saturday. They did tell me that actually right now their friends do have a performance in the stage. I therefore quickly gone and pick up my girlfriend and we went to the show of “Go Go Go”.

There was an interesting drum play and traditional into modern Korean music had been played.  It was very nice and very well done. It is great to see on what Korean students are able to do while studying very hard for their degree. They still do have free time to perform and practise for shows.  They do not spend all their time in library as it is mainly presumed in the UK.

I really much enjoyed the Korean style of classical sounds, as it is more energetic as western style. I need to be honest, even though I like classical music it sometimes put me to sleep as it relax you, but in Korean style it is powerful and active as we been given for the second half light sticks to wave around during the performance.

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