28 Sep 2011

Duryu Park

After my morning class my girlfriend and I decided to go the local park on which myself also not yet have visited Duryu Park. It is easy to reach from the town - just getting on the subway which will lead direct to the park.

It is a nice a big park, we just walked any direction as many roads lead into different points and we found some statures of various people who either come from Daegu and important people to Korea. Nearby is also a baseball field, we heard some strange noises and found it. The game was unfortunately just finish - so we could not see the game in the park. As watching it on the TV is a bit boring, but if it is in front of you in the park is a bit more interesting.

We had taken a seat and I looked into my tourist map of Daegu and seen that in the city centre is a currency museum. We may could visit it before heading back to the university for a meeting which I will have.

We had asked the tourist information centre at Duryu Park on how to reach it the best - they mention to get on the subway and walk out a specific exit. There did not had been any information - we had asked then the subway information point on how to get there - but we had been pointed out the wrong bank. As when we walked down the road the city centre finished. The people here in Korea are very friendly and lucky own smart phones to show the way on a better map then tourist maps.

We had found the bank very easily. They have shown cased the old currency of Korea and how it has evolved to the latest currency on what we are using right now.  In the second hall we had International currency, and some of them are very nice from different countries. There was also a special section for North Korean currency.

It was already time to get back to university for an orientation session on the volunteering program which is due to start next week Friday. I will keep you posted.

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