7 Sep 2011

Study Day

Tuesday and Thursday are mine busy days at university. Therefore I usually do not have much to write on it about. We had started to learn on our various modules Logistic, Macroeconomics, Persuasive Speech, Russian II and Korean I.

Let me go through on what we have done briefly, as it may not all of you interests. I suggest you to skip today’s blog post if you not interested to study in KNU.

Logistic Management

This is the initial module name, but as I already had learnt in Northumbria the module name shall be Supply Chain Management. Therefore he had change the name of the module. This week we just had discuss the concept of supply chain and introduction into the area. I already had taken the module in Northumbria, but I hope to get out of the course Asian experience on how they handle and think of supply chain structure and methods.

I did not purchase my book yet as I want to make full usage of 10 per cent over at the union. I still await a reading list of other modules. It is very important to bring your text book to class and have at your side. The reading list isn’t heavy as back at home, is only one book per module. I had been told this only applies to English taught class.

Persuasive Speech

Today we had formed a few group and shall practise the “ice breaker” to introduce ourselves to the team and if we been lucky or unlucky to present at the front to the whole class. We learned a new word or phrase to use in any time sittiuation, but most likely will apply to a job interview. The word is “pet peeve”. I never heard of this word, but it is a very good usage to describe something negative into positive sounding.


As last class had been cancel, we had been given today an introduction and basic understanding of Macroeconomics in Korean. Due that I had been the only International student in the class, but the professor had asked me if it would be ok with me. I did not minded to be taught in Korean – actually also prefer. As I may do not get another chance to see a class taught in Korean here in KNU.  The professor mention also same as Logistic Management to have a book at the side while studying as it provides more understanding on what he will be teaching.

Russian II

This class is fully taught in Russian. The class consist of conversation, therefore the professor is showing a movie and we have a little Q&A on the movie. In the beginning we also talk on what everyone had been doing on the weekend. As the professor only can communicate in Russian, it sometimes hard to find out if we have correct understand on what she said.

The last class of today:


We started to learn 10 sounds (Hangul) – 5 vowels and 5 constant. The Korean Hangul must have at least one vowel or the sound is wrong.  The rule is always Constant + Vowel or Constant + Vowel + Constant (on bottom). There is not really much on to explain on the module due it was the first class and as mention learned a few new words.

The day has finished, just been with friend to the local takeaway. I only had breakfast for the day and small lunch. The take away are very filling and healthy (believe) for just £2-3.

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