5 Sep 2011


Today was again Monday and the university actually really shall start today as begin of the week.  I have only one class and it is Strategy Management and today we had a guest lecture from Durham University. It was interesting on how the Korean professor stop the speaker and ask the other students if we could follow him. He had a bit of Northern accent, but not much as he spoken clearly and slow so that everyone could follow him.

It had been a great introduction into the module and I am sure it will be a great pleasure to the end of this module to learn Strategy and find out why business are doing this what they are actually doing.

I did had any big plans and walked later around city centre and found near by the Train Station a German coffee shop. After a few picture taken off it I token the bus back to campus and heard there will be some activities, so I walked pass the key locations.  There was not, on the way back into the dorm I meet a few guys who just been standing around. I had with them a little chat but could not stay for long as I was meeting a friend who had been to Slovenia for her exchange year. She liked to have come to Northumbria, but was chosen for Slovenia. She still had a great experience, and she likes to introduce me to her friend who will come to Northumbria. I already meet him, but we still can hang out together at some point.

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