29 Sep 2011

Dinner with friends

You are right - lets skip the day part.

In the evening my girlfriend and me had meet up with my good friend from Korea. Who I had meet on my second day here in Korea.

We did not seen for long each other - few weeks. It still feels like ages - therefore we decided to go for some dinner near the university. We had small discussion on how the university life is going and if I enjoy it to be here. It is a great experience to be here, I can not imagine to going back to Europe. I actually feel to stay here, but if that would be the case it would be more working then playing as I do right now all the times. My blog may would then say everyday - Library - Library. So far I visited the library only to print out documents but not for studies.

I would recommend everyone to come here in Korea and study for a semester or a year. It will be an awarding experience. So far I have spent over a month in Korea and few more are to go.

Tomorrow would be an interesting day to meet up with the British Council.

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