23 Sep 2011

KNU Societies

I am back to my busy time schedule, but I still do find time to join part in activities which are around the campus. Such as today was the society fair or as they call it the Club Recruitment Fair.

I had already left contacts for a few societies, but today I could find out on when and where they actually will meet up. I sign up to Photo and Friends, KNU AO, Table Tennis, Christian Society and Mountain Climbing.

I would be not able to join Photo and Friends as they meet up during my class time, but I do have time on Monday evenings for KNU AO and Christian Society on Tuesday after class.

In my other free time I may will go to table tennis, if nothing is planned for the evening. It shall be one of the best way getting to know a few more Koreans and able to use the language. As I want to improve the language skill of Korean.

The societies will start next week - so if I mange to have time I will let you inform on what has happen.

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