20 May 2011

Comming soon

/// Updates - 20 May 2011 ///
I have inserted today the airports and the time is coming quickly for the set off into the other country far across in the east direction (on my side of view).  I use for my maps not the basic style icons as some of you have notice, but I also did not design them myself. It had been design by various people and whom then publish them on this site free for download. Where I had used for today the airport icon.

- This icon stands out, and the positive aspect is that the website covers a full variety of icons with the same design style. Therefore after the map would be full of icons it shall look clean. You can hopefully tell me this in November time if it really is clean.

///  Updates - 5 March 2011 ///

I thought I may keep you updated on what is occurring on this blog so far.  I have register myself with Foodspotting.com a website where I can upload pictures of food. As you seen, I already have publish a few foods from Taiwan.

I hope with this platform, I can able you to guide you into my food experience on my exchange year away.

I may decided to start write earlier, to explain the planning process for the exchange year.

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