22 May 2011

Let's pack the bag

The waiting has an ending for those of you had already followed my Blog since it went into the build-up. Those of you had enjoyed now, I happily welcome you to my Blog "Artem on Travel".  You are maybe asking on where I will go traveling? Actually the truth I will not fully travel, but experience a form of education and life change experience in two countries over this academic year 2011 – 2012. My first stop is S Korea, Dageu, where I will attend one of our partner universities Kyungpook National University. I will spend at this university until mid-December and hope to learn many new things and get new experience across many areas.  You may will able to spot during the time when I write the Blog entry if I learned something new and gain new experience. It is sure for the case in Korea everything would be new, whereas for the second semester some parts will be very familiar to me. The second semester I will spend in Poland, Krakow University of Economics. I will be the first Newcastle Business School student as exchange to visit Krakow on an exchange year. If you are a first year student, the information might be very valuable for yourself, on other hand second year students you will come to Poland only with review from non-Northumbria students. 

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