5 Nov 2011


Today we had time and gone to Jinju - The plan had been to go to two cities. As I thought my friends will come with me I decided to return back to Daegu at night time.

It was good again to travel to a new city and a new place. We had been visiting one of their friends their who is studying in Jinju Russian Language. So we arrived for lunch time and went to Mr Pizza for a (yes you right) pizza.

We spend almost two hours inside to chat and eat, after the meal we gone to her university which is just opposite Mr Pizza.  We wanted to go inside the university muesum but the lift was out of order, it is the only way for visitor to enter the museum without ID card. Therefore we token first a walk around the campus before we headed to the Jinju castle. Jinju in other word is a closed of complex temple where Kim Shi Min has lead a great army against the first Japan invasion.

I would recommend other travel to go to Jinju - myself I had only been one day and do not feel to go again. Excluding you like to travel the southern of Korea, it is a great gateway to the other places. As this area is very rural is better to have a car in Korea if you fancy to drive.

We went for dinner to one of traditional market to have the special Bimbamb with raw meat. It was very delicious. I highly recommend also a visit to the market. I think to explore Asia is only through food possible, then you get the best experience out of it.

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