30 Nov 2011

Cinema Trip

Its Wednesday - I had been in touch with some of the people on Facebook on whom I meet in the Happy Camp. They want to meet up to watch a cinema movie and have some dinner. I did not knew which movie we will gonna see - but I had now did not been for a few month in the cinema since the other time I had given a review on the movie Reel Steel

I had meet up with them at the CGV cinema by Lotte Young Placa but we gone first for dinner, as we still awaited some more friends and decided to go to the cinema CGV in Hyundai Department store. Today was a good day to go to the cinema as KB-Star account holder been given 1 Free Ticket (Buy One - Get one Free). So we could share the cost, as I am not with KB-Star.

The movie we went to see was a Korean movie, but it was really good movie. Even I did not understand everything, only "Hello", "what is this", "ok" and "really". I hope one day it will be available with English subtitle somewhere to find or totally translated into English to be shown in Tyneside Cinema back in Newcastle. I surely shall recommend them the movie to put on their list, it was a very good plot.

If you can find it in store or online store - I highly recommend to watch it. 

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