27 Nov 2011

Happy Camping

(25th - 27th November)

Today was the day to go to Happy Camp! I was feeling better again - as some remember I been last week to Haeinsa temple (My friend actually has some good picture from it if you like to see it). 

I received various text message during the day to make sure to wear warm clothes - and I replied back if there would be a lake for swimming. 

We had met up with Keimyung University in the South East of Daegu before going on the charted buses to the south. I do not know until today where I was and therefore you can not find a pin point on the map. (Also in reminder please select second page - you must now scroll down or download the KML file if you have Google Earth).

When we arrived after around one hour journey we had some small food and introduce ourselves. As it was already 10pm we gone all to bed and would meet tomorrow each other again.

It was a very cold night indeed in the mountains and when we woken up and had a walk after breakfast we could see that the small pond actually had some ice. It was a bit cold to walk outside, so good that it token place indoor the event where we had various activities going on. In the afternoon after lunch we actually have gone outside and as the hall has no window I was very surprise to see that it was warm. We did not needed our jacket anymore. The temperature feeling was like late spring. 

In the outdoor we had played some funny games, such as running like Spider Man or X-Man, throwing chopsticks to one end and the other.

After playing the games - most people gone back to the houses to take a rest. My friend and me decided to go for a walk around this small village to experience the real Korean culture. 

Along later this evening we had an International night as most from us come from different country we would perform a show or a dance from our country. As I had been the only international of KNU to the event we perform a Korean dance style.

It was a very good ending of the Saturday where we also had the activity to paint a t-shirt for ourselves on what we have learnt in the camp.

In the next day we had been wrapping up on what we had learned through out this weekend and for lunch we had BBQ. Yes BBQ end of November. It was an amazing cultural experience, as I had BBQ in Taiwan before. I been aware that Asians are health concious but combine health concious with Korean culture it is not a good combination. I never seen in my life before so many times a BBQ going on fire. I told them not do it fast - enjoy it take it easy it will get warm soon.

After all it was a very good weekend. 

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