14 Nov 2011

From South to North

(12th November until 14th November)

I had arrived in Pohang early this morning by leaving Daegu early in the morning. It is one of my three destination for the weekend; Pohang, Uljin and Geojin. After we have arrived we decided to go to see the famous hand stature at Homigot. I did not plan on how to reach it as I had pressumed the tourism office would be open. Luckly a lady help us to get us onto the right or wrong bus. When we arrived we ended up in a fishing village and asked some people for the hand stature. The lady who we asked also wanted to go and see it but did not knew where it was in this area. So we had taken a walk around the coast line and could not find it - we then got out the navigation system and seen why we can not find it. We are in the wrong place. We either could wait for an hour for the next bus or take a taxi. As it had been three of us we had taken the taxi to Homigot and finaly reached our point.

We did not spend as much time as thought as we will and token a bus to the fishing village and return to the bus station. By now the tourism office was open where I could ask the way to the temple. We had gone for lunch with our new friend also from Daegu for some strange reason before head down to the temple.

The way to the temple was quiet long but we had a joyful conversation with American English teachers who gone on the hike there. So at least the journey did not feel to long. We had around 3 hours time at the side, so first we gone to see the temple and then made our way to the mountains with anticapation to find the waterfalls. Indeed we found them but time was running low so we only seen 1 out 12 waterfalls in this mountain. I guess to see all of them you must spend a minimum whole half day. 

In the evening I said good bye to my friend and I continued my way further to the North Uljin. I had arrived earlier then expected and meet my new friend at the station where I stayed for the night. We had a good conversation before we gone to bed.

In the next day I woken up early to take the 6:30am Bus to the temple. I believed it would more then just a temple. Actually I only spend around 1 1/2 hours there. I was one of the three first visitors. I joined up with two middle age man from Seoul to the temple. It was a nice scenario for taking pictures and the lake has kind of shape of the Budha. The mens given me a lift back into Uljin, or I would have waited ages for the bus. There are not many busses into Uljin or around Uljin. It is a very small town.

When I arrived back I purchased my tickets to Sokcho as there is actually no direct ticket into Geojin. Find out further along how it went along.

I then started to take a walk through Uljin from around nine clock until twelve clock to meet up with my friend again. I went to one of the hikes she recommended me, it was very lovely and a nice view onto the town and country side.
In the lunch time we gone outside Uljin to a port village near by. There we gone to see a white light house and the shore where a popular Korean TV show had been broadcasted. The shore looked very nice highly recommend to visit if you are in Uljin.

We then had gone to two local temples and in the last one the monk has invited us for some tea. It was really nice to experience Korean Tea culture - as it was my first time here. Especially by a monk and inside a temple.  Unfortunally my time was running out as I had to catch the 445pm service to Sokcho and try to find a bus into Geojin. As from Uljin a direct bus is only at 12pm - which was to early for myself.

I had arrived good in time to Sokcho where I manage to get a connection - with a local bus to Geojin. It was pretty simple to arrive as long you follow my friend instruction. I may also could have done it without a GPS map system.

Him self he just arrived from Seoul and so we had some Irish sandwhich and went over to his neighbour for some chatting which ended up in watching a movie on the TV. It went already to midnight and she haid a friend over from France so I think its better to go to sleep.

In the next day, Monday, I woken up and had breakfast with my friend and he gone to school for work. Where myself make myself ready to first look around Geojin on the bike and then take a local bus to North Korea. Those of you who are loyal readers will already see where the mistake is. Yes you right - I was already on the way to N Korea border. So I decided to contiune as it is not far anway. It has taken me around one hour on the bike incl pictures taking off the shore. When I arrived I try to purchases a ticket to goinside the DMZ but you need a car, which I did not had. Luckly there was 3 eldery people and I asked them if I could join them as a taxi would be pretty expensive around 40 Dollars and just for one hour visit. As my friend told me more then one hour I really do not need.

They had been friendly and token me on board. We spend two hours inside to look on how well our solider are working and I had mange to get a glance on a North Korean citizen. The mountains and shore looks very good - I wish one day the border will re-open to have a more closer look and may take the bike the full lenght from Geojin.

I cycle back to Geojin and stop at the first president hous - not much to report as I can not understand Korean. The only thing he had a simple house.

After I had arrived back to my friend house - I decided to walk around as his bike is not light and pretty hard to cycle up mountains and not flexible for inside town usage. Incase need to climb stairs. I went out the house and seen that a bus from the local station just left to Daegu, so I went to the station to purchase a ticket to Daegu. This ment I could join him for a dog meal with his friend. Then I had a look on the beach which was empty despite the good the weather we have in November. I had a look around the fish market and went for some local food. I then looked on my map and make my way to a temple. It was pretty hard to find, but I did not given up and found the temple. I had a small look around, is something special for myself to go not to famous places as non famous places less people equal more locals.

I return back to his house as we would set off for dinner for some dog soup - but unfortunally something gone wrong with the order. So no dog today. Instant something else special from the local corner restaurant which does not look like restaurant. We all had baby chicken (medium size) filled with rice in a potattoe soup. It was very delicious and filling.

The time has flies of my long weekend already 9pm so I catched the bus from the station back to Daegu. It was a great experience along the Asia Highway 6 or Korean Road Nr. 7. Korean people are very friendly and would take you with them in the car as I had two occasion or come and join you to tourist attraction as it happen in Pohang. Thanks also to my two friends where I could stay for a night each to save some cost of taxi and motels or jimilbangs. So I had also the chance learn more of your towns rathe just having a tunnle view.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your great travelling story. I enjoyed reading your experiences during your trip. Moreover, your article makes me what to travel any where and any time. It is really nice of you giving such detail information and interesting interaction between your and your new friends! From your storise, I believe you had learned and seen a lot. Just want to say " Well done, my dear! I feel so proud of you!"