6 Nov 2011

Dongshin Church

It is Sunday - and I did not had any plan. I had been informed that in KNU Church is an English service. So I wanted to check it out for 2pm. I just did not been aware that first Sunday of the month they meet earlier and I must them on the way out, but the pastor invited me to another church, Dongshin Curch. Is around 15mins by car away from the university.
It was very nice of him to take me there. It was a great experience to see on how the service gets done in Korea by American and Australian speakers.

At least I did not spend my Sunday in the room, and gone to explore new things. Meet some other oversea people rather then all the time students in the recent weeks. When I come back to university I drove the bike around the campus before heading back to the dorm.

In the evening I had meet my friends for a cup of coffee.

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