4 Nov 2011

Exchange Study Abroad Fair

Yesterday night I had been informed I need to represent the UK and Northumbria University on a fair. I was sitting a bit late yesterday on the computer to prepare a video presentation.

I would be able to talk about the UK and the student life and answer few question they had. While I was preparing for tomorrow, I come up with the cool idea which is Northumbria Student Union is doing with "It gets better". I wanted to try that everyone who comes to my section takes a picture with the signs and it work out.

I had been also very surprised that not many come to talk to me for the UK stand, even the prospective student say it is very competitive to enter Northumbria University. Most students been interested in USA and Canada, Netherland stall was very busy.

In the evening we had also the volunteer work, sandwich making. It was a bit of fun as all of us had been very tired due to be at the fair.  I think all of us been happy to return back home for some rest or not?

At least myself and few other people gone to the bar for one drink.

Those of you who like to see the presentation, it is just here:

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